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HAARP is a giant ionospheric heater capable of altering the dynamics of energy exchange within the lower/upper atmosphere. In this sense it is capable of and designed to alter Earth's auric (mental, physical & emotional etc.) fields to achieve in the ultimate analysis specific objectives of (a) by destruction of the ionosphere, allowing harmful radiation into various segments of the globe, mind control via the 'transmission and broadcast' of ELF (extremely low frequency) waves similar in frequencies to beta and theta frequencies to excite and/or alter our psychology and moods, weather modification and Tesla-inspired harnessing of Earth's geophysical fields to create earthquakes and finally, a ground-based space weapon with destructive powers beyond 3D mind. Pat Cori's book (Atlantis Rising) says that when HAARP is fully operational it will be capable of beaming/transmitting upto one hundred billion watts of HF (high frequency) radio waves.

Brief intro on HAARP courtesy of the (free to copy and circulate) DVD from www.carnicom.com


The above events are a direct re-play of what transpired in the dark and end days of Atlantis. The dark magician Akkaeneset walked into the body of an Atlantean priest (of the dark persuasion) and was fascinated by what he found in Atlantis e.g. the populace were able to generate all their power needs via mind-light generators - (see Atlantis Rising 2001, Pat Cori for full story). He was also struck by the range of emotions of the Atlantean populace and was able to use the sacred infrastructure of the mindlight generators to figure out how to play/alter and manipulate the emotional template of Atlantean consciousness via varying ELF waves. Having mapped out what frequencies result in fear, despair, depression etc., total control of the population resulted. This one entity was the Annunuki overlord of magnetism and frequency and it was he who initiated experiments in harnessing Earth's geophysical forces for dark intent.

The RF (radio frequency) output levels from the HAARP transmitter/antenna array are beyond imagination and far beyond most people's grasp of what is possible, in Hertzian terms at least. The margin for error, particularly for un-matched or slightly non-resonant antennas must be fairly high. If they get any of the antenna engineering wrong, a standing wave of RF will be produced and will find its way back into the transmitter instead of being launched into the atmosphere via the antennas- truly disastrous. In any case, to purposely unleash a beam or beams of RF directly into the ionosphere at these levels would be (a) environmentally catastrophic and (b) interfere with Earth's ascension process. This is the gameplan of the Annunuki and they aim to achieve resonance between the Sun and their planet Nebiru so that a 'connection' or 'resonance' is made between the two planets just a split second before ascension takes place as Earth spirals into 4th density. These sequence of events, if they do play out are even beyond a Hollywood horror sci-fi script!!

Resonance in this sense relates to the ability of the sound frequency of one vessel having the ability to 'play' and produce sound (frequency) into a second vessel. The classic example being a set of almost identical wine glasses. You can bang one wine glass and it emits a sound frequency and this frequency will resonate the most with other wine glasses of similar character i.e. they too will emit sound at the same frequency. Before you can resonate a second vessel, you need to understand something of the electromagnetic properties of the vessel you are about to bang. This is the covert purpose of the SOHO Annunuki dark technicians. Therefore, if the Annunuki technicians are able to define the wam note of the Sun, its electromagnetic properties can be manipulated to ensure resonance is achieved between Ra, our Solar Deity(the first vessel) and Nebiru (the second vessel).


Now, before you rush out for the latest survival gear and nuclear-proof bunker, intuitively, I think these HAARP-related events will not take place. At the closing of the Mayan calendar end date, 21 December 2012, I think we will awaken to another day in a different form in a new world. The ascension process is a huge cosmic event and it takes (will take place) with the precision of a nuclear-powered clock striking the hour. Thus, ascension is for all planets in our solar system and before resonance between the Sun and Nebiru can be established, the Annunuki technicians and scientists must know and understand what is happening within and around our sun because at this time, the current sunspot cycle is forecast to be at its maximum. This is where NASA and the SOHO project come into the picture but this is for a future article). Secondly, there are lots of other things that are happening on Earth that will ensure that this scenario will not take place, such as the concerted consciousness effects of mass awakenings, people asking questions, questioning authority, shining their light in all sorts of dark places. Mass consciousness is changing (as forecast by our indigenous Elders) and a lot of light is shining in very dark places i.e. the current banking system, paedophilia in organised religions and links between the origins of diseases such as AIDS, flu pandemics and Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers /political leaders and so-called international FOOD/Health organisations such as the FDA, USEPA, WHO etc. It is within the top echelon of these organisations and many others around the globe that the Illuminati/Annunuki have placed their puppets to ensure their hidden agenda is followed to the letter. When she shine our consciously-focused laser light into all these mis-doings and truly connect the dots between the activities of these disparate organisations, we will see through their plan and it will fail.

The good news - the Sun our solar Deity

The sun as always is instrumental in upsetting even the best laid plans of mice and men or in this case, the Annunuki warlords and their hopes of riding the tails of planet Earth as it follows the Sun's astral chords of ascension.

Sunspot activity from our Deity has been unusually quiet these past months or so and this is the lull before the storm. Sunspot maxima is expected to ramp up to maximum during the latter months of 2012. If you ask me, this is Divine Intervention If you check out Richard Hoagland or David Wilcock's site they have interesting information on physical changes currently going on within our sister planets as they re-configure themselves in preparation for ascension. Big changes are afoot as some planets are becoming brighter/weaker, hotter/cooler and their magnetic properties waxing or waning. As we approach the Mayan closing date for time, the fireworks from our Sun should be at their maximum. Solar flares and other energies thrown off the surface of the Sun will present many difficulties for the Annunuki technicians because these solar blasts are capable of knocking out /interfering with:

(a) operation of their covert space programme i.e. secret bases stationed on Mars, the moon and beyond, (b) satellite communications including all their monitoring stations, (c) a weakening of the Annunuki-inspired electromagnetic grid that circles the globe which has kept us in psychic chains since our inception by limiting our perceptual range following their tampering with our DNA during the 'Great Experiment' and (d) covert technologies designed to modulate /interfere with our mind sovereignty including subliminal sounds piped via the Internet network, and TV transmissions and of course, there will be major electrical power surges experienced all over the world capable of knocking out major regions of industrialised societies. Amid the probable chaos, I anticipate that the total sum of knocking out a lot of these covert technologies (on Earth) will enable us to be clear in our intent, provided we stay in a position of trust and balance. In other words, the outputs from the Sun will break down all the artificial controls that we were born into to help set us free.

Our Sun is so fundamental to our lives that for the most part, we have taken its fruits for granted. It was not always like this and in times past, the coming up and going down of the Sun were ritualised periods of connection between the various bits of the All-That-Is. The Sun is pouring out its love in so many ways and on so many different levels that the dark T-shirts have orchestrated a multi-layered campaign to get us to think that the rays of the Sun are bad (see my article on the spurious use of suncreams) and that we should if possible, avoid as much contact as possible. In conjunction with this aim, one of the main objectives of chemtrails is to generate and maintain cloud cover over selected regions of the globe to block out the Sun's rays and the Annunuki technicians have been seeding all sorts of chemical substances into the atmosphere for a long time now. Besides generation of cloud cover I also suspect that the dark technicians and military allies seed specific substances into the atmosphere to reduce the passage of highly beneficial energetic particles from our Great Central Sun as well.

Introductory video on chemtrails produced by 'Heaven Can Wait'

Part I

Part II

Part III

I need to do some more research into HAARP and will update these pages as and when I get more information.

In spite of the gloomy content of HAARP and what it represents I feel that as more and more people talk about what it is up to, our united voices will focus a laser beam of light on the covert aspects of this project. Although our lives are filled with stuff for almost every waking moment of our lives, I feel this issue is important enough to invest some time/meditation to find out what is really going on. I feel blessed that I live in these periods because so much of our lives has changed so rapidly (not all for the good) and I am able to feel and experience it. The All of Everything is speeding up in vibration including ourselves so much that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with yourself.

Update: I just finished both these articles when I came across this link on the David Icke 'latest headlines' site. Its a longish article on planetary changes and possible effects on life on planet Earth. There are three basic threads of information that really startled me in a very positive way. (1) This article validates everything (not that I need such validation) presented in Pat Cori's book, 'Atlantis Rising' i.e. HAARP, 2012 and earth changes in terms of how Prime Creator has set these sequence of events in motion i.e. the solution was put in place at the same time as these sequence of events played themselves out over many hundreds of thousands of years ago, (2) the article is a collection of theories to try and explain reality in which words such as , possibilities, probabilities, uncertainty, might and maybe are liberally interspersed within its prose. Particularly, that any environmental or cosmic event has a multitude of causes, some more important than others but, because our knowledge and understanding of these complex systems are far from complete, we should as a matter of right, explore all possibilities with an open mind and more importantly, an open heart. Big Science does not pursue science and its research in an objective or non-biased way, (see my article on Thomas Kuhn, the overturning of scientific paradigms for an overview of how Science in reality operates). The third bit of information was that it reminded me of how 'intelligent energy' provides synchronicity into our lives and endeavours. When I started these two short articles I was a bit daunted by the width and depth of the subject matter and the articles I have clumsily written now in retrospect, appear to make some sense, plus the synchronicity of it appearing at that precise moment in time left me gob-smacked!! Such is the way of Spirit.

The article can be downloaded in pdf here.

Recommended reading:

Pat Cori, Atlantis Rising, (2001) Publisher: Author's Choice Press.

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