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Awakening to Oneness 

A common experience noted by many individuals who undergo a spiritual awakening is a knowing that we are All One and that everything is interdependent and interconnected into itself. This is sacred remembrance of who we are and where we came from. As the process of awakening begins, we experience Life as if on steroids and we are yanked firmly within the crosshairs of change. As we journey through this ‘wilderness of cosmic wonders’, we begin to relax within it all and amazing life-events unfold. For the first time in an age, we let go and surrender into new arenas of thought, ideas and terrains of creativity. This part of our journey changes everything and our Life is never the same again. It is not all sweetness and light either because lifelong friends evaporate into thin air and everything we thought we knew about anything comes up for resolution and healing. Jobs, relationships and a lifetime of work disappear down the pan as we rebuild our lives, perhaps in another continent, with new partners and social groupings. Yet, as we settle down and simmer within a new vibration of energies, Life loses its edge of desperation as we simultaneously and consciously create our moment to moment reality. We ably and joyfully drive Life rather than being driven by it. For the first time we understand that Life itself is a contextual field of infinite possibilities in which we define ourselves according to our tastes and free will choices.



Every single individual on this planet will at some stage of their evolution go through this process. In fact, almost everyone on the planet today is going through this process whether they are aware of it or not. Awakening to Oneness is not simply for those into spiritual practice; these gifts of evolution are for everyone. The real issue is: are we listening to our quiet inner voice or is it drowned out by the squeal and pressures of modern life? For those around forty years old, have we mistaken a Western diagnosis of ‘mid-life crisis’ with what is called a spiritual awakening in some Eastern cultures? These issues are not simple and present themselves to us in myriad and wonderful ways.  At first glance though, there are several conundrums we need to understand as we consciously or sub-consciously awaken to Oneness. Firstly, awakening to Oneness can be described simply as an awareness of consciousness or more precisely, an awareness of being aware. This is not a play on words and it describes our awareness of consciousness from four plateaus i.e. subconscious, conscious, super-conscious and supra-conscious. We all understand the first two levels of awareness as ‘normal’ and we assign ‘genius’ to the third level and ‘Master’ or ‘Mother’ to the fourth level of awareness. The important point here is that ‘consciousness’ in all its forms is right here, right now. It can be accessed purely by a subtle shift in our awareness or indeed, a tweak in perspective. The words ‘Life’ and ‘consciousness’ in this context are interchangeable. Significantly, supra-consciousness is but a thought away!!

The second conundrum is this: how can we be part of the One yet totally different to each other spiritually? Our recent history is replete with savagery, war and conquest. At the same time as these events took place we also had shining examples of mastery by individuals such as Buddha, Jesus, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and many more. All the Masters had the same message of Oneness and sought to encourage us to open ourselves to the possibility that we can be more than them if we wanted to be. At the same time, they also taught us that no-one is more special than anyone else simply because we are all part of the One.

 Awakening to Oneness is to simply remember that:

Simply put, we are splinters of Prime Consciousness having a 3D experience. We consciously wanted to experience that which we are not i.e. as being separate and sovereign from anything and any other body. This was made possible by slowing down our vibratory rate in order to live within a 3D world. In order to survive in this set of 3D vibratory constructs, we also forgot who we were and where we came from. Our Life Purpose is to experience all there is to experience within this dense 3D world and to bring it all back to the One so that It may experience Itself. This journey of remembrance can take a moment, a lifetime or a long series of lifetimes. In understanding all of this, it is also clear that everything in Life is energies of specific vibration slowed down to produce life-forms, from molluscs to mammoths. This ‘everything in life is energy and vibration’ also explains why empaths, psychics and telepaths are able to do what they do: it is all down to vibratory rate. There is nothing special between us all other than the fact that we are biologically the same yet consciously i.e. vibrationally different – it is all down to energies.

It is also said that the entire Universe as we perceive it to be can be compressed onto the surface of a pinhead. In other words, within this 3D reality we call Life, everything is frequency-based, consciously driven and exquisitely encapsulated within holographic forms. These frequency-based aspects of Life by definition include notions of consciousness itself, feelings of love, the beauty of a setting sun or making love with your special other-half. Tibetan monks had it right thousands of years ago, Life is an Illusion.


Awakening to Oneness is initiated through Pure Intent. It is programmed to gnaw itself into our very fabric so that under specific conditions or special periods within our lives we are gifted with extraordinary times in which to remember who we are and where we came from. An awakening can whisper itself into being. You may experience subtle or radical changes in diet, foods, drinks and ways of living. You may also notice a change in the types of music you listen to and the types and colours of clothes you wear. At the other end of the spectrum you may experience a literal volcano erupting at the top of your butt as Kundalini energies begin their upward ascent. Regardless of the form of your awakening you begin to see Life through different eyes. You feel everything much more deeply and Life itself becomes a huge rollercoaster of deeply enriching emotions. You begin to see your vibratory frequency in everyone else and in all things. Most of all, you want to be of service to all because you realise that what you do for others, you also do for yourself. To wage war against anyone else in these conditions is not possible because you understand that you wage war against yourself. The Collective Consciousness is you and you are the Collective Consciousness - period.

These are very special times in that we have another conundrum to deal with, huge swathes of humanity are awakening to increased vistas of awareness of Self, yet the violence of many societies and their political and industrial corruptions have surfaced in ways that have shocked many individuals. Indeed, these societal after-shocks are waking people up spiritually. This is due to the choices we are making about ourselves and by definition, what shows up in our lives, either subconsciously or consciously. The choice is: do we create from fear or from a knowing that there is no problem in our life for which we haven’t already created its solution? There is no sitting on the fence and we either blend into the Matrix or we recognise it for what it is – a contextual field of infinite possibilities. From this vantage point, there is no right or wrong. All are part of the One, even the Tony Blairs and Adolf Hitlers of this world.

The final conundrum we need to understand is that all the peoples and situations we experience as we grow up limit our awareness of consciousness. Significantly, religion, politics and industry, even family and friends run scared of anyone who declares ‘Prime Creator is all things and as an individuated splinter of this Process, by definition I am Prime Creator having a 3D experience’. Many individuals must also face self-imposed and societal hurdles that have resulted in limited notions of self. This too is all part of the illusion of separation. When we shatter the illusions of separation, want and need, we understand and feel that all of life is sacred. Awakening to Oneness is our birth-right.

Bon voyage in all that you experience!

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