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In 2014 whilst living in Greece I experienced a spiritual (Kundalini) awakening and many things in my mind fell like pins. Following my 're-boot', the oh so familiar world I knew, disappeared. I was forced to negotiate a world full of colours, light, energies and frequencies - most of all, Life is all about feelings and the inter-connectedness back to The One. You would be amazed by the intensity of light that surrounds the 'average' human being, tree or blade of grass. Eventually, this inferno of experiential moments subsided and I came to an inner peace.

Imagine what it feels like to be struck by unexplainable energies that enter your head and exits your body through the balls of your feet? Imagine what it is like to be enveloped in a cocoon of pure, unadulterated love? Imagine what it is like to see the world anew purely through colours, frequencies and feelings?  Imagine what it is like to travel outside your body and know that you are part of everything and everything is a part of you?  Imagine what it is like to travel within the tail of a supernova? Imagine what it is like to experience the unimaginable and then to describe that which is out of mind and within. That was the starting point of my spiritual awakening and as everything in my mind fell like pins, nothing would ever be quite the same again. This book details the birth, transition and eventual 'settling of the dust' of my spiritual awakening. Any form of awakening is a true gift of the Cosmos, sent by you, to you, through you, just for you! Like many before, I add my wave of spiritual awakening to what is a growing tsunami of spiritual awakenings across the world. The signs and the portents of the Cosmos are very clear: the only way is up!  Yesterday it was my turn, tomorrow it is yours. This book is written especially for you and it is no accident that it is in your hands at these most auspicious of awakening times!

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