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1. Dr Ellis I Evans - All About the Wonderful You:

Awakening to Covid-19 Tyranny and Mass Mind Control of Society


2. Dr Ellis I Evans - A Conspiracy of Silence:

The Hidden Dangers of Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi and 5G: How to protect yourself from the unspoken dangers of digital consumer products

3.Dr Ellis I Evans - Beyond the 5 Senses
My Experiential Journey Towards Spiritual Enlightenment: A Handbook for Spiritual Awakening
4. Dr Ellis I Evans - The Subtle and Very Deceitful Art of Subliminal Advertising: How to spot subliminal advertising to regain spiritual and consumer sovereignty

Blogs and articles from 1998 - Present


Mobile Phones, Microwave Radiation & Biological Safety Science, Environmental Pollution & Climate Change
Student suicide clusters and its missing link (2018)  
Student guide – how to reduce exposure from mobile phone mast signals at UK university campuses (2019) Climategate - Poor Science, biased science, distorted science and the 'warmers' - new religion (2002)
How 5G frequencies bounce and propagate within the environment (2019) Historic Heating and Cooling Periods on Earth and its Relationship to Sunspot Numbers (2012)
Cheap as chips detector to determine the presence of 5G frequencies in your house and neighbourhood (2020) Mini Ice Age Cometh (2019)
Learn to Recognise Mobile Phone Masts in your neighbourhood (2017) "Is Science powerful because its true or true because it's powerful?", (1998)
What to do about phone masts in your neighbourhood Part 2 (2017)
The killing fields of 5G and the implementation of madness (2018)  
WiFi technologies use microwave radiation, a Class 2B carcinogen with clear evidence of cancer induction, Why is WiFi still used in schools? (2018)  
What is EHS? - electro-hyper-sensitivity and why it is important to know what it is, (2018)  
Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment? (2018)  
Mobile Phone Safety Standards Testing Procedures used by the ICNIRP, Governments and the Telecommunication Industries (2017)  
Mobile phone companies target students on UK university campuses, (2018)  
It’s official - exposure to mobile phone microwave frequencies causes cancer (2018)  
Safety dossier on the link between exposure to microwave radiation and induction of various cancers and other adverse biological effects, (2015)  
Deadly brain tumour rates on the increase in the UK, US, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden, is it attributable to use of mobile phones? (29 May 2017)  
Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment? (2018)  
Student suicide cluster: is microwave radiation and its technology to blame/ (2018)  
Moving into a new home or area if you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (2018)  
The killing fields and mind control of microwave radiation - TETRA anyone? (2018)  
Deadly Brain Tumor Rates Rise in U.S. and Europe – Cell Phones to Blame? (2017)  
Is non-ionising radiation really safe? (2017)  
5G Telecomm Radiation the Perfect Tool to Mass Modify Human Brain Waves (2016)  
The Brave and not-so-old Digital Age and ushering in of Mind Control, (2004)  
Microwave Radiation, Mobile phones and Mind Control (2007)  
Sunspots will bring an end to Deepstate surveillance and mass mind control (2012)  


Spiritual Woo-Woo & Spiritual Awakening

Balancing the Lower Chakras (2021) Covid-19, 2020 and a different perspective, Part II (2020)
Consciously Manifesting Our Reality (2021) The antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver – Nature’s little helper (2015)
The Importance of Grounding Back Into Gaia, Mother Earth (2019) Vaccine Efficacy & Safety Data Violations between the UK government and the so-called UK vaccine safety committees and 'paid for' pharmaceutical committee members - A history of what really went on 1986 - 2010 - First posted around 2008
Three Step Meditation, article from Lightworker, Copyright 2000 Steve Rother Avanti PDLII Horizontal /Vertical Loop Antenna Conversion for the 2m Amateur Radio Band (October 2023)
Awakening to Oneness (2015) X ray body scanners, airports and our right to travel freely without state harassment (2005)
The ascension process and how space-weather affects our awakening states (2016) Basics of Radioactivity (1998)
Quick guide to Meditation – an excerpt from "Friendship with God" (1999) Neale Donald Walsch What is the Appropiate Value of Deposition Velocity for use in Predictive Models for Emissions From Well-Engineered Facilities? (Southport 1993,)
John Rappaport - Critique of Psychiatry (in relation to spiritual awakening) 2015 LR-115 Nuclear track detection and isolation of alpha-emitting hot particles in surface soils around the BNFL Sellafield site perimeter, Part of PhD research, (1993).
I-Am consciousness amidst a sea of infinite possibilities (2015) Abstract of Sea-To-Land Transfer of Radionuclides: Materials & Methodology of Environmental Air Sampling, Ellis I. Evans (1991). Imperial College London. A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Msc degree and/or DIC (1991)
Food, glorious food, (2001) The link between vaccines, mercury and autism (1998)
DNA, Part III, Live Kryon Channelling - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 27, 2003
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon, Activating the Third Layer of DNA
Hollow Earth, Captain Byrd and alien rocket technology used by Nazis (2016)
All the answers lie within your DNA - it's All about the DNA Part I (2002) HAARP - its hidden objectives, its ties to chemtrails, the SOHO project and the time-traveller, Nikolas Tesla, (Akkaeneset) Part I, (2003)
Healing Properties of Water (2012) HAARP - Background to HAARP Part II, (2003)
Energies of Positive Affirmations (2018) HAARP - Update - angels don't play this HAARP, Part III, (2003) 
Psychic Protection - (2018) Fluorides in water, toothpaste, just say no, (2000)
Barbara Marciniak - Emerging from Denial (2004) The nuanced relationship between cancer, diet and cancer treatments (2001)
The Closing of an Age as we transition from 3rd to 5th dimensionality (2023) Bio-warfare, coronavirus lies and its upcoming 'second wave' (first published 14/9/2020)
The Ascension Process and how everything moves up in frequency (2021)
Awakening to Oneness (2018) The undisclosed reasons for BREXIT, austerity programmes, vaccines, chemtrails, lax border controls and use of sugar (2018)
The Sun – Friend or Foe? (2017) Hollow Earth and the real reasons for fracking, Fukushima and BP oil spills (2015)
Wildcards, time-space, fractal time and our accelerating spiritual awakening (2017)
Are you experiencing spiritual emergence or emergency? (2015)  
Butterfly Effect and the New Human Collective Consciousness (2015)  
Choices, choices and more choices (2015)  
Poem: I Am, Consciousness (2015)  
Do Fears impede or enhance our awakening statues (2015)  
Healing in the new energies of the Photon Belt (2015)  
Vibrations of Life, Part I: Awakening to our authentic selves (2015)  
Starseed, feel the love - dancing between dimensions - Part I (2015)  
Starseed, Feel the Love - dancing between dimensions, Part II (2015)  
The Five Tibetan Rites: Exercises for Healing, Rejuvenation, and Longevity (2015)  
We Are Magnificient Beings of Love & Light (2015)  


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