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Responses from English Heritage and Church Body regarding my question: why do you allow the telecommunications industry to site their antennas on your properties even though unanswered questions remain on biological safety from pulsed microwave radiation?

In early 2015, I prepared dossiers on microwave frequencies and their impact on our health. I sent one dossier to Anna Eagle, Labour MP for Wirral. She never replied nor did I receive an acknowledgement that her office staff had received by safety dossier. The dossier I sent is here. Elected officials do have a moral if not legal duty to respond to any concerns by its constituents. Looking back however, I think she and her office were more concerned with the upcoming General Election than anything else. Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for not replying to my perfectly legitimate query. So much for our caring and sharing Members of Parliament.

The next organisation I sent my dossier to were the people responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of churches within the UK (churchofengland.org). I live in the Wirral close to New Brighton. Many of the churches here have mobile phone transmitting and receiving antennas installed in their spires and other high vantage points. This is a major problem for local people because anyone caught within the peals of a local church bell will also be subject to high intensity microwave radiation.. The dossier I sent the church can be found here.

The response from the church is below:


On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 3:39 PM, David Knight <david.knight@churchofengland.org> wrote:

Dear Dr Evans

Thank you for your letter addressed to the Archbishops’ Council in which you urged caution over the installation of mobile phone masts on church buildings, and for the attached documents.

Decisions over the installation of mobile phone masts on churches are made by Diocesan Chancellors in the granting of a faculty (or not) for an installation. These decisions are taken bearing in mind all relevant representations made to the court including information relevant to public health and safety.

Neither the Archbishops’ Council nor the Church Buildings Council offers blanket support for the installation of mobile phone antennas in church buildings. Each case is considered on its merits.
Yours sincerely, Dr David Knight
Senior Church Buildings Officer, Cathedral and Church Buildings Division, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3AZ
Direct Dial Telephone: 020 7898 1874020 7898 1874 www.ChurchCare.co.uk @CofE_ChurchCare /churchcare.co.uk

I asked Dr Knight if there was anyone, I could speak to in relation to trying to find out the process undertaken by the church to grant permission for telecom companies to install their mobile phone transmitting equipment on church property. I still await their reply and it is clear they have absolutely no interest in this matter.

The image below shows the installation of mobile phone transmitting antennas atop a church called Saint Andrews United Church. The church is located in Egerton Street, New Brighton Wallasey UK. Because churches were historically built on high ground, these mobile phone antennas emit a very strong microwave radiation signal over quite a wide area of the New Brighton promenade as well as irradiating local residents and church worshippers.



The third organisation I asked my question on biological safety from exposure to microwave radiation was English Heritage. The dossier I sent to them is here.

My initial query to English Heritage is below:

"Dear sir/madam,

Apologies if I have sent this query to the wrong department. If so, can you please pass onto the appropriate organisation. I have a query on the installation of mobile phone antennas within an historic water tower located in Gorsehill Road, Wallasey. The full ID of the building is below .
I attach a document containing my query.

Thanks, Ellis

Description: Gorsehill Water Tower, Grade: II, Date Listed: 20 January 1988, English Heritage Building ID: 443667, OS Grid Reference: SJ3037993527, OS Grid Coordinates: 330379, 393527, Latitude/Longitude: 53.4339, -3.0494, Location: 6 Gorsehill Road, Wallasey, Wirral CH45 9JF
Locality: Wallasey, County: Wirral, Country: England, Postcode: CH45 9JF


The response from English Heritage was:
CISCUSTOMER <CISCUSTOMER@english-heritage.org.uk>
Thank you for your e-mail.
We will aim to respond to your request within two working days. Some enquiries are complex and may take longer however, if this is the case we will advise you of this. Please also feel free to contact our Customer Services department on 0370 333 1181 should you wish to discuss your query further.

English Heritage cares for over 400 histor ic buildings, monuments and sites from world-famous prehistoric sites to grand medieval castles, from Roman forts on the edges of empire to a Cold War bunker. Through these, we bring the story of England to life for over 10 million people each year.


English Heritage never replied to my request. Perhaps they never question the hands that feeds them? In return for siting mobile phone infrastructure on hundreds of English Heritage properties, English Heritage are paid lots of money by the mobile phone companies. Long story short, English Heritage have absolutely no interest in engaging with anyone on these types of basic RF safety questions.

Clearly, organisations that receive monies to allow the installation of mobile phone transmitting equipment on their properties are not prepared to ask the telecom giants any awkward questions. Even where the evidence of harm is given to them on a plate, it appears they have no appetite to look at it closely. At the very least, these organisations should adopt the precautionary approach in all matters related to pulsed microwave radiation. If they do allow installation of these antennas on their properties they should at least have notices in prominent positions to tell the public that they are in areas of high signal intensity pulsed microwave radiation.


The real point of all this is that it is we who must make the first moves towards raising awareness and consciousness on these issues. The dossier I sent these organisations is useful downloadable information of harm. This harm will eventually affect everyone exposed to pulsed microwave radiation. Please send this information onto neighbours, friends and family. At least make them aware of this gigantic pink elephant in the living room. Do your utmost to get this information out there. If not you, who?

All planning departments and councillors responsible for planning decisions should also be aware of the wealth of recent medical and epidemiological studies that strongly show a correlation between exposure to pulsed microwave radiation and induction of cancers and other adverse biological effects.



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