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Water and its spiritual /healing properties

Water is very important to the functioning, health and well-being of our bodies. By bodies I also include our 'other selves' i.e. our spiritual bodies. Water is a great 'enabler' it can clear out all sorts of blockages, dilute toxic substances and regulate all sorts of physiological and biochemical processes within the body and lead to good health. Even more so now that our DNA is changing and we are beginning to vibrate at much higher frequencies. These changes to our physiology i.e. attaining our true light body 'skeleton' or Merkaba requires us to consume copious amounts of water. Tip: before meditating, drink lots of water and experience a new depth to your inner beings. If you have not heard of Dr Emoto, do an internet search on 'emoto water intent' and read up on the fact that water itself has consciousness, is alive and we are able to 'programme' its magic: it can help us attain 'master' status. Saida Medvedeva produced a fascinating documentary on water called: "Water - the Great Mystery'. I include two short bits that (a) look at its inherent energy signatures using a technique similar in scope to 'Kirlian methods' and (b) the consciousness of water which holds memory i.e. in a structural sense of its journey. Much of this work was carried out by Russian scientists and from a scientific perspective, these scientists 'boldly go where man has not gone before'.


Energy signatures of water:


The next clip gives a glimpse of water's consciousness 


There is no need for me to go into any detail on the importance of water at a societal level because we are all aware that industry use the water cycle, streams, rivers and oceans as a means to dispose of their wastes and pollutants in a euphemism called 'dilute and disperse'. Instead, I would like to highlight its very obvious, yet sometimes forgotten other health-promoting properties.

Download here an interesting interview between Mike Adams of Natural News and Dr. Batmanghelidj on the healing properties of water. Dr. Batmanghelidj is (or was) a practicing M.D. from the allopathic or modern path and he has some very interesting insights on the (mis)diagnosis and (mis)treatment of many modern day ailments and their 'treatment' using drinking water.


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