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Hollow Earth, Captain Byrd and gifted alien rocket technology used byNazis

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I argue in this article that the environmental policies of global industrialists, which include the release of GMO fauna and flora, mobile phone radiation, fracking, oil production activities and the wilful release of nuclear and other highly biologically-damaging wastes to air, land and sea have hidden agendas. These hidden agendas include de-population, spiritual nullification, social control via frequency entrainment and manipulation of ‘first contact’ with civilisations that live below our feet within the hollow Earth. As a species we have been duped since time out of mind with a false narrative relating to our history. The time is now very close when our distant brother/sister starseeds will emerge from the bowels of the Earth bringing with them many stories and technological gifts for us to discover.


Hollow Earth

Historically and throughout many hundreds of thousands of years, many off-world species have fought for control of Earth, its inhabitants and resources. These bygone, out of mind times left echoes in our collective consciousness festooned with tales related to ‘Super Heroes’ and of gods fighting amongst themselves. Actually, these events represent symbolically, the many conflicts or alien-wars we have endured from some of our more distant star-seeded brothers and sisters since time out of mind.

A glimpse at some of these more recent happenings can be revealed by looking at the activities of Captain Byrd as he flew over the North Pole in 1947. Byrd stumbled across highways and byways that led from the North Pole into the Earth. In his book ‘The Hollow Earth’ (1964)1, R. Bernard wrote:

Byrd was not a poet, and what he described was what he observed from his airplane. During his Arctic flight of 1,700 miles beyond the North Pole he reported by radio that he saw below him, not ice and snow, but land areas consisting of mountains, forests, green vegetation, lakes and rivers, and in the underbrush saw a strange animal resembling the mammoth found frozen in Arctic ice. Evidently he had entered a warmer region than the icebound Territory that extends from the Pole to Siberia. If Byrd had this region in mind he would have no reason to call it the “Great Unknown”, since it could be reached by flying across the Pole to the other side of the Arctic region.’

There is much controversy on these issues yet recent history points to some interesting facts. During the Second World War, not only was Germany leaps and bounds ahead of any country in rocket propulsion techniques, but Hitler and his generals were also obsessed with the occult, or ‘hidden knowledge’. Additionally, ‘secret’ military bases were established by several countries at the North Pole. The story goes on to say that German officers were in direct contact with beings from our Hollow Earth in which ‘trades’ took place between both groups, presumably human biology for alien propulsion technology. I suspect part of this trade-off involved more advanced propulsion methods involving gravity-defying aspects of electromagnetism. Following the end of the Second World War, which Germany lost, many of the pioneers of the German VI and VII rocket propulsion team were given entry to the USA clandestinely via Operation Paperclip. The American military built research facilities for these groups of space rocket pioneers, in which they could carry further work on different types of propulsion systems. All of this has taken place within living memory yet the vast majority of the global population are unaware what has and is taking place. How much harder would it be to tell bygone stories of what happened within the cultural dynamics of our species say, 12,000 or 120,000 years ago? It is difficult but we can at least attempt to put a few of the jigsaw pieces together.

In any event, modern archeologists, modern historians and various religions have purposefully obscured any link we may have had to our distant ‘gods’ and other mythical figures. The true history of homo-sapiens sapiens is the greatest story rarely told. The ‘seed parents’ of modern humans aka homo sapiens sapiens  were the Plaedians with help from a myriad of other starseed races well versed in altering and modifying our DNA. There is no ‘missing link’ between modern humans and the apes because our origin story began approximately 200,000 years ago. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection is, of course, a false narrative. This narrative was invented hundreds of years ago by the financial backers of Darwin’s adventures, the Freemasons. Behind the Freemasons were the shadowy figures of the hybrid reptilian Annunaki controllers of that time. Much of our recent history was completely made up.



The last time these alien-wars occurred was over 12,000 years ago at the height of a very spiritually and technologically advanced society known as Atlantis. Prior to the destruction of Atlantis and its resulting Great Flood, an individual known as Arkaaneset quietly came into being. He marvelled at the Atlantean development of societal, technological and spiritual prowess. Atlanteans could communicate via telepathy and heal themselves energetically via their priestesses’ knowledge of crystal healing. Inhabitants of Atlantis generated all their power needs via thought harnessed into specific types of crystals or ‘mind-light generators’(2). At certain times of the day, Atlanteans would congregate in certain parts of their cities and attune their thoughts collectively to generate sufficient thought-power to charge the mind-light generators, and thus to satisfy their needs for power generation.


Annunaki and Arkaaneset


It is also good to remember that planet Earth, with its exquisite blue and green majesty, had always attracted those species of beings who desired ownership by any means necessary.  It was the Annunaki, a race of 3rd /lower 4th dimensional reptilian creatures, who invited in Arkaaneset, an entity outside of time and space. This entity literally walked into the body of an Atlantean priest by mutual agreement.  Arkaaneset brought with him advanced knowledge and understanding way beyond the grasp of the Atlanteans. Incidentally, this entity also re-appeared in physical form in recent times in the body of Nikola Tesla. Both of these incarnations into our 3D hologame led to significant technological change, development and social disruption.

Arkaaneset was absolutely fascinated with how Atlanteans could use their minds to create aspects of their reality based on emotional response. He became the chief investigator for the Annunaki in charting the depth and range of Atlantean emotions in response to exposure to energy frequencies. Unsurprisingly, these data and findings were later used in mind control experiments carried out by the USA and other Super Powers.

Significantly, Arkaaneset also started to experiment on Atlantean ‘mind-light’ technology. It is during one of these experiments that he went too far and initiated a series of massive explosions resulted in a tsunami type event across much of the globe. In the aftermath of this reckless experiment, the lands known as Atlantis sank. Many Atlanteans (and other races) left Atlantis and ventured deep below the Earth to escape the tempest of water and radiation resulting from the experimental antics of this one individual. Such is the result of technological achievement in the void of lesser spiritual understandings. It is clear to see from this tragic interplay that beings who are technologically advanced in terms of manipulating our reality, as if by magic, do not necessarily have the same depth of spiritual understanding to make wise choices on that which they are creating or wish to experience.

In spite of these events, the peoples and civilizations who escaped to the Hollow Earth developed spiritually became one with their environment and literally created lands of milk and honey. It is they who have stayed true to the higher spiritual underpinnings of advanced beings. They have much to offer us in terms of technological and spiritual evolvement, including emotional and physical healing. It is these very peoples that the reptilian-hybrid controlled organisations of today are trying to poison and exterminate.

It is during these very special times of global awakening that races of people outside and inside Earth are due to make their appearance. It is meant to be a time of uncovering and sharing and a time in which we begin to better understand our star-seeded lineage. Do you not think it strange that during the past 10 years or so, there have been numerous examples of radioactive incidents and accidents involving the release of highly radioactive materials that eventually find their way into the Earth? Fukushima’s nuclear reactors went AWOL into the bowels of the Earth. It is impossible for its ‘owners’ to even describe where these radioactive materials are because they do not even know!! What about all the oil spills of recent years including the BP incident in the Gulf of Mexico and the global significance of fracking, which forces polluted wastewaters laced with toxic and radioactive chemicals deep into Mother Earth to recover relatively small amounts of shale gases. Fracking is now almost everywhere even though up until 10 years ago was a relatively unused industrial process. The economics of fracking do not make sense, never mind its environmental impacts. It is only when you peer beyond the official explanations of these events that you can begin to make sense of it all. Global industrialists and their banker friends are losing their power as masses of the people are starting to awaken. The Hidden Hands of the Controllers are moving fast to poison and contaminate as much of planet Earth as they can. This environmental agenda is madness because these toxic forms of pollution and radioactivity remain active for many hundreds of thousands of years. Besides these Agenda-21 type activities, they are trying to drive away the spiritual ones from within our Hollow Earth because they know that much of current oil-based technology will be rendered useless overnight.  The Ones who have lived underground for thousands of years understand the true nature of this reality and the technology they offer us to satisfy all our energy needs will make Big Oil redundant. All internal combustion engines, their manufacturing factories, refineries, garages and petrol stations could be redundant overnight.

This ‘first meeting’ contacts will take place in spite of all the environmental degradation and this will catalyse a global healing amongst all our peoples. That will be a significant step in our awakening process, which cannot in any way, shape or form be de-railed by anyone or anything – the awakening is continuing, it is bang on schedule and it will affect every single one of us.


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