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I-Am Consciousness amidst a sea of infinite possibilities


Once again, the Kryon (http://www.kryon.com) has dropped another spiritual timebomb into our understandings of how things work and where we fit into the Grand Scheme of Things. This channelled information(1)discusses the three aspects of human consciousness and how they uniquely interact within us. This is new, exciting and way beyond anything I have read on this vast and hotly-contested subject. Intuitively, I tend to shy away from any discussions of consciousness but this one was different. The contents resonated within me and produced several ‘wow’ moments.

Why is it important that we concern ourselves with consciousness? As a carbon-based species we are rapidly shifting into light-body status and as we shine our light we change everything around us. In that sense, every thought, deed and action that plays out within our lives is entangled with everyone and everything else. When we utter our truth with pure intent to spirit, the Universe responds appropriately and that is just the way of things. If we choose to experience all the stuff we need to know as applicable to our awakening state, we slowly become more aware of grander versions and visions of ourselves. We then find that the loci of consciousness is ‘us’ i.e. you, me and the Universe. It is here, within this one thought, that it is impossible to experience any feelings of separation, scarcity or fear of any type. That is why it is important we shift our perception of consciousness to understand both its cause and effect. It is the ‘unpacking’ of all we thought we knew about the brain and its role in consciousness that truly liberates us to greater truths about ourselves. Towards the end of this missive, the Kryon says: “Connect yourself to a bigger picture, dear ones. The triad of Human consciousness is the beginning of the realization of mastery”. The moment we state our intent for an enlightened consciousness, the veil between this world and the Greater Reality miraculously thins and eventually slips away. Within this inner journey of discovery, we also illuminate the darkness, those darker aspects of ourselves that stubbornly remain hidden. Thus, the journey itself may not always be sweetness and light, yet we need to courageously face ‘that’ part of ourselves as a matter of course. These are the most sacred of times as we work through all the stuff in our lives that is not working. Once we work through our stuff, we never have to experience those energies again in order to focus onto bigger and more harmonious possibilities of ourselves.

I am also interested in understanding any system that we tap into, that helps propel our spiritual understandings and evolvement. These are times of great change, synonymous with a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world that is able to initiate a tsunami thousands of miles away three weeks later(2). We are all on the cusp of these types of massive changes, yet we just need to remember and recognize we are that butterfly and the creative forces we are capable of unleashing, although subtle, quantum and largely unknown, are powerful to the extreme.


The brain and consciousness

How do we define ‘Consciousness’? The Oxford Dictionary(3) gives us a few examples to help us on our way: “The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world: consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”. These academically-defined definitions of consciousness refer to the workings of the ‘mind’ and ‘brain’, assuming we already know what ‘mind’ and ‘brain’ are, how they work and how they interact to produce ‘consciousness’. There is also one unstated assumption in nearly all of our thinking and traditional models of consciousness, whether neurological or philosophical: we each carry consciousness around with us in our brains. This is how it feels as we walk around doing our stuff and this is what we are told to believe: the brain is the font of everything we experience. The story goes that the brain processes fight-flight survival type body responses, as well as creative and artistic thoughts. Much research has been carried out on what side of the brain gets stimulated in response to this or that type of situation and this form of ‘stimulated-response brain mapping’ is persuasive. The brain is also said to be responsible for enabling physiological control and functioning, yet this model of how things work starts to break down when someone experiences a spinal break. Somehow, the body carries on physiologically doing what it has always done. The Kryon wryly comments that “we do not know what we do not know”.


Kryon’s triad of human consciousness

According to Kryon, human consciousness has three ‘components’: the brain, the pineal gland and the heart. The pineal gland, or Third Eye, is our doorway, or portal, to our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is quantumly located within us and at the same time, quantumly tapped into the Creative Source. It is here that we experience our divinity whilst in 3D body. It is here that the subtle forces of intuition, inner knowing and hunches on how things work originate from. Our intuitive self is all-knowing, yet has a small and subtle voice. It is normally the first thought we have on any subject, yet is easily overlooked in the heat of the moment. In terms of its attention-grabbing status, our intuitive self is overshadowed by our ego, which is centre-stage in all that we think and do. Our ego is a fighter and complete control freak and it likes to dominate every thought. When you mess with ego it will throw a ‘hissy fit’ and go into survival mode. It is here that compassion and heart-based responses to any situation fly out the window because ego fights as if its life depends on it.

Kryon’s description of consciousness shuffles all we thought we knew about the working of the brain into a melee of multidimensional realities of cause and effect. The brain is connected to a ‘multidimensional internet’ via our pineal gland. The brain effectively takes care of many physiological processes within the body, yet it is not the origin of thoughts, feelings and emotions related to a higher consciousness. In terms of the higher functions of I-Am consciousness, the brain has a secondary or effector role which merely facilitates and transmits ‘feelings’ from our Higher Self. This is profound information because it explains how everything in our lives is connected to everything else via our pineal or Third Eye/Higher Self connection back to Source. Effectively we are permanently ‘plugged’ into the Cosmos whilst in 3D body. Thus, we take ‘ownership’ of our higher Cosmic reasoning because we think these thoughts originate in our brain. To be clear, higher thoughts other than survival issues originate from our pineal gland/Higher Self (cause) and are facilitated into our 3D reality via our brain (effect). We cannot fool our Higher Self because it is that part of Pure Consciousness that ‘pinches’ itself off from Creative Source each time we incarnate into 3D existence. The brain only translates into 3D reality that which is allowed via our Higher Self. he most exciting and illuminating aspect of this new information is when we add the heart into the pineal-brain equation. The third ‘component’ of human consciousness is the heart and the energy within the number 3 is trinity. The brain takes care of survival issues, the pineal is our source of creative intuition and the heart is our seat of compassion. It is only when we include the heart into this quantum ‘equation’ of consciousness, that we can begin to grasp the benevolence and magnificence of the setup of human consciousness.

For a long time, we have seemingly swum against the tide in a consciousness of dark currents. The Mayans prophesised the period we now live in as the End Times. These are the times in which we end the historical and cultural narrative of who we think we are. As we perceptually implode and cleanse ourselves of these false cultural narratives, we come to new understandings about the nature of our multidimensional selves. We then usher in a New Beginning of the Human Collective Consciousness into a 5th World. The Ancients had a blank slate for what happens next. They knew that what we collectively create will be less dense and more light-filled. The nuts and bolts of this ascension phase relate to a change in the magnetics of planet earth, which activated dormant portions of our DNA to awaken. As the efficiency of our DNA increases, the connections between the trinity of pineal, brain and heart become much stronger. We then begin to produce white, or creative, light. Creative light can also be thought of as ‘awareness energy’. The more light we produce, the lighter we become and the lighter we become, the more our vibratory frequency increases. Light, in this sense, also equates to love and as love blossoms into light-body, we spiral into the centre and essence of our Grand Central Sun, the so-called ‘push-pull’ black hole of Creation. Another way to explain this is to say that we are moving away from the cold and rational logic of our former selves, into being ‘intuitively compassionate” heart-based beings of Light.  

The Kryon simply says that consciousness ‘just is’, that it is inseparable from us, it is around and within us and it is part of a quantum, benevolent and loving system. In defining consciousness as ‘just is’, the Kryon drops another spiritual timebomb by saying that consciousness is part of a system which is multidimensional in nature, yet, amazingly, it can be theorized, quantified, manipulated and its effects can also be graphed. I do not understand how quantum systems can be manipulated in producing predictable outcomes and I am quite happy in saying that much higher spiritual reasoning is at work here and perhaps, one day…..

I like to think of the forces behind quantum systems, or multidimensionality, as the same forces inherent within the butterfly effect. If ‘quantum-ness’ or ‘multidimensionality’ could talk, it would say: ‘with the right equipment you can monitor me in all things, yet it would be impossible for you to predict my next movement(s) or exact location’. The Kryon says that it will take just 0.5% of humanity to awaken and trigger a ‘butterfly effect’ of such proportions that it is impossible to predict what will happen other than to say that we do move forward spiritually and evolve authentically in how we act and react to each other. The ‘new normal’ in that situation is a more evolved race of beings in which co-operation, not confrontation, becomes the new modus operandi – the ‘new black’. It just is. Our awakening is impossible to stop because the collective consciousness of humanity is slowly dancing to a new and unique cosmic beat. The music of the spheres and our rustling responses of awakening states are rippling across and through untold dimensions. Many, many entities and races inside and outside our galaxy are very interested in what we collectively decide to do next, as a soon-to -be light-body species.

The awakening is here in full swing and bang on schedule. As a planet of free choice, I feel we made the decision to ascend as a species some time back. The pace of change of our transformation is dependent on many things because at our core, we are both linear yet quantum beings in sacred transition to light-being status. We are learning to dance within the musical spheres of a multidimensional waltz. The Kryon explanation of consciousness is therefore expansive, empowering and very loving. Its basic message is that everything is entangled within everything else, there is no separation between us. It also implies a sacred process is afoot and everything in our lives is going according to plan. In that sense, we can define consciousness as anything and everything that might happen, has happened anywhere at any time. It has no focus other than what we think it is.

Descartes, a French philosopher and mathematician stated ‘cogito ergo sum’, I think therefore I am. This is back-to-front and plain wrong. Perhaps the New Collective Consciousness of Humanity could be: I-Am, therefore I manifest. Language and its use can be double-edged. It can describe what you want to say and it can also be used to set the boundaries on what you would like people to think. It is now time to look at all our cultural narratives we were led to believe and expose everything we think we know about ourselves to our growing laser-light consciousness. Many awakening gems lie within.

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