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It’s official - exposure to mobile phone

frequencies causes cancer



 Big thumbs up to Louis Slesin (microwavenews.com) for sending me valuable links to these issues. Probably the most important and significant scientific research into exposure to cell phone frequencies has slowly been released in tranches since 2016. The latest data was released on 2 February 2018. The work was carried out in the United States, by the The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) under their National Toxicology Programme (NTP).

 The rationale of this work was to answer several questions posed by the FDA in 1999. In brief, the NTP was to study the health effects of radio frequency microwave radiation from mobile phones. The FDA described this as a high priority, calling for large-scale animal studies on cancer and on ocular and neurological effects. It specifically called for replication of the Australian study that found a doubling of cancer among mice exposed to digital mobile phone signals1. This work cost over $25 million dollars and almost 20 years to complete. The fact that it took so long either says an awful lot about its complexity or that none of the ‘grownups’ in this organisation wanted to do it because they already knew roughly what they would find!!

 The experiment involved two groups of rodents. One group of rats and mice were irradiated with cell phone radiation and the other, the control group, was not. All animals were sacrificed at the end of a two year period and diseases were categorised according to cancer types and other adverse biological effects. Various levels of transmit powers were used to irradiate rodents. Some of the data relating to transmit powers were below or at that which is legally permitted shows that:

Brain tumours, malignant gliomas and acoustic neuromas were found in male rats plus a second extremely rare type of heart tumour type called schwannomas. The incidence of some cancers shows a dose-response relationship i.e. the higher the dose, the higher the number in cancer cases.


DNA breakages were also observed:

The latest data released 2 February 2018 goes on to say “The reports also point out increases in the number of rats and mice with tumours found in other organs at one or more of the exposure levels studied, including the brain, prostate gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, liver, and pancreas. However, the researchers determined that these were equivocal findings, meaning it was unclear if any of these tumour increases were related to RFR”. These cancer incidences might have a statistically low significance yet the observed facts are clear, other tumours, other cancers were noted in the exposed group. The incidence of these cancers signal probable increases in the near future.

 Bottom line, exposure to microwave radiation at the levels used by consumers on a day to day basis causes cancers


French government researchers found that if you measure body exposure the way in which consumers use their mobile phones i.e. next to their head, safe exposure levels are exceeded in some cases by a factor of 4. I repeat the maximum permissible level of exposure based on their own safety protocols (SAR – specific absorption rate) is four times higher than allowed.

 It is clear from these studies that exposure to microwave radiation used by mobile phones, wifi routers, smart TVs, body scanners and a whole host of other consumer gadgets, is carcinogenic i.e. these types of frequencies are capable of causing cancer. These data contradict all the work and advice from the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). By default, all the advice and policy decisions and guidelines issued by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other safety regulators such as Public Health England are less than useful because they do not protect the public or consumers. The telecoms industries and their governmental regulators have said and chorused from day one, “non-ionising radiation does not have sufficient energy to break chemical or molecular bonds”. Ironically, and also from day one, the ICNIRP has not carried out any research on mobile phone frequencies and its adverse biological effects. The ICNIRP make a bold statement on consumer safety based on thin air and nothing more. They have also been consistent in their refusal to carry out real science and real experiments to test their hypothesis that exposure to microwave radiation does not induce cancers and other diseases. Obviously, more research is needed in this area yet governments must act now and initiate the Precautionary Principle to reduce our exposure to these pernicious frequencies. Urgent action is needed to globally implement the following snapshot of ‘recommendations’

 There is now sufficient evidence of cancer induction to conclude from studies conducted over the past 20 years that radiofrequencies in the microwave band be allocated a Class 1 carcinogen classification i.e. carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). All products that utilise microwave frequencies should carry a warning label that clearly states ‘this device uses frequencies designated as carcinogenic’. Warning label should also be boldly stated on the packaging at the point of sale. Additionally, clear and legible safety notices should be included with each device including any advertising materials and at the beginning of each user manual.

 Research is urgently needed in the classification and definition of electro-hypersensitivity individuals and their symptoms (EHS). Research is needed on generation effects from exposure to microwave radiation including reproductive issues. Adequate research is needed into biological (non-thermal) effects on mammalian biology and especially on babies, children and young adults. Biological effects must form part of the safety testing protocol. The types of researchers involved should also be broadened and widened i.e. groups sponsored by industry or government should be in the minority. Advisory quasi/regulatory and safety groups should have more grassroots representation, especially in relation to planning law and local government implementation.

 Children and young adults should be suitably educated on the use of microwave enabled devices, particularly the under 16 age group. Educational programmes need to be initiated, particularly amongst young people, to help consumers reduce their exposures by learning the importance of switching off devices or using hard-wired alternatives. Schools and premises where young children and young adults congregate should not be exposed to microwave radiation from wifi routers, DECT phones or other microwave-enable devices.

 Planning law should be changed to reflect the fact that safety considerations should be heeded before any planning application for mobile phone and other telecommunications paraphernalia is used where people live, congregate, work or play. The imminent role out of 5G (10 Ghz – 30 GHz) communication devices should be put on hold until adequate safety research and research programmes be put in place to evaluate any adverse effects on our biology from the very high frequency transmitting equipment and their results are shown to be safe.



“Is Science powerful because its true or true because its powerful”

Science should be an objective process based on observation followed by hypothesis and its universal testing. Unfortunately, most scientists are servants of a social process in which they need monies to carry out research, produce papers and build a career that may eventually lead to an industry-sponsored ‘chair’ or professorship in a red-brick university. That is to say, industry scientists and many of the government-financed research departments have their own unique inbuilt bias – he who pays the piper will have his song hummed. Much of the reporting of these data within the mainstream media is therefore highly selective. The mainstream media will not add any light to this discussion simply because they too have their own agendas to follow. Expect much ‘muddying of the water’ when and if they decide to report these findings. It is up to us to connect the dots in order to see the bigger picture. It is a miracle that someone in the FDA asked basic, simple questions about cell phone radiation safety in 1999, much less the data we discuss today. The data from the National Toxicology Programme mirrors what thousands of previous peer review scientific researchers have published for years: exposure to microwave radiation is not safe and no biological (non-thermal) safety tests have been carried out. In spite of that, men, women, children and babies are routinely exposed to these carcinogenic frequencies on an unprecedented scale, second by second, day by day and year by year. It has to stop!

 Download the NTP reports (here), read and make up your own mind. 



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