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The Subtle and Deceitful Art of Subliminal Advertising: How to Spot Subliminal Advertising to Reclaim your Consumer and Spiritual Sovereignty (2023)

Subliminal adverts are embedded images that 'speak' to the subconscious and not the conscious mind. Subliminal adverts are used as tools of persuasion by media manipulators. There are three levels of control behind the media manipulators and we can break these levels down using the analogy of a pyramid.  The bottom level of the pyramid represents the print barons, fashionistas and advertising companies. These are the 'gofers' or enablers of messages passed down from the middle level of the pyramid.  At the middle level pyramid, we find government leaders, academics, state 'nudge units' e.g. Tavistock Institute (UK) of psychologists, and technocrats. The top level of the pyramid is where the real powerbrokers hang out: The top tier pyramid houses the elites, or I like to define them as the Cult or aristocratic dragon bloodlines. I have fully described the bloodline Cult in an earlier missive, called 'All about the wonderful you'.


In other words, subliminal advertising is used by the elites of society to covertly and psychologically 'nudge' us to do this, rather than do that. It is a velvet glove control mechanism that works across all genders, most age groups, cultures and countries that habitually use TVs, computers and modern telecommunication networks. 


Almost everyone who runs a business understands the importance of letting consumers know where they are and what they sell. Most businesses simply buy space in a newspaper and supply their own advertising material. Subliminal advertising, however, is predominantly found in the high-end printed matter of fashion, sport, politics, entertainment and almost anything related to the youth industries. It is within these commercial spheres of big business that the 'below-radar' embedded messages are covertly crafted into view. Subliminal messaging is embedded in advertising material for a variety of reasons, notably to (a) stimulate our consumption and spending patterns, (b) alter our moods, and (c) enhance negative or positive associations between ourselves or towards other people or places. I also briefly discuss the 'why and how' of subliminal advertising behind the Balenciaga Scandal and much more!


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