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X ray body scanners, airports and our right to freely travel without state harrassment (2005) - Update Coming Soon for 2023!

I travel less and less these days and its all due to the crap we have to put up with prior to getting on the plane. It takes longer and longer to get through the check-in and the whole process of entering an airport to travel is debased and very weird. A few years back I joked that one day they would ask us to strip down and take all our clothes off before boarding a plane, how right I was!! There are three issues here for me, (1) the high energy x-rays used in body scanners are capable of breaking apart my chromosomes and damaging my DNA, (2) I object to being exposed to any strong electromagnetic sources that may also damage my spiritual outer' bodies i.e. etheric etc and (3) the rationale and justification to subjecting individuals within society to these Illuminati-inspired surveillance technology is completely off the wall.

Incidentally, if anyone tries to tell you about the health effects of backscattered high energy x-rays on the human body and begin by explaining 'relative risk' from background sources, flying at 10,000m etc. please bear in mind that the radiological societies have absolutely no idea on quantifying low level exposure and subsequent cancers/disease etc for a whole suite of radioactive substances and x-rays. The bottom line for me and my family is that we shall travel even less as these body scanners become 'routine' in all airports. I have two articles that articulate some of these concerns (below) but if the powers that be are really interested in tackling so-called 'safety ' issues, they should arrest the Bushes, Tony Blair and his complicit ministers from the Labour Party. The planet would be a nicer place to live on (and travel within).


Click here to download Article 1

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