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A Conspiracy of Silence: the Hidden Dangers of Mobile Phones, WiFi & 5G,

Dr Ellis I Evans (2022)


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This book documents a conspiracy of silence from standards-setting bodies, government health regulators and the telecommunications industries from the biological harm that result from our use of digital consumer products i.e. mobile phones, smart-TVs, smart meters and tablets etc. All these devices use microwave radiation to either connect to each other or to mobile phone networks. I show that governments and their health regulators already knew from the data obtained from radar workers from the 1930s onwards that exposure to microwave radiation is biologically harmful and carcinogenic. I prove the “silent conspiracy” between standards-setting bodies, governments and the telecommunication industries by detailing recent data from the NTP (National Toxicology Programme) rodent cancer study which was completed in 2018. The NTP is part of the NIH (National Institute of Health) and is tasked by the American government to answer questions of biological safety from new substances or technologies. The NTP rodent cancer study cost $25,000,000 to complete over a twenty year period. Key findings of this work show “clear evidence” that exposure to microwave radiation is carcinogenic. The findings of these studies have also been largely ignored by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drink Administration) which is very strange because it is they who asked this question back in 1999. The ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation & Protection) cannot answer any questions on adverse biological effects from exposure to microwave radiation because they and other government regulatory bodies have not carried out one single experiment on biological effects. This private organisation base their safety profile towards exposure to microwave radiation on thermal skin-heating effects and nothing else.

The conspiracy of silence between governments and the ICNIRP take strange twists when we delve into the conflicts of interests between the ICNIRP and government health regulators such as Public Health England. When we explore the basis of ICNIRP science in these issues, it is clear that we have to ‘fearlessly tumble down the rabbit hole’ in order to understand what is really going on. For example, few people know that microwave radiation was designated a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organisation in 2011. Even fewer people understand that the frequencies used in their microwave ovens are the very same frequencies that are used in mobile phones, Wi-Fi, tablets and computers. I detail what happens to our biology when bombarded with microwave radiation. I show scientific evidence that suggests the recent rise in ASD (autism spectrum disorder), PDA, (pathological demand avoidance), school refusal, young people suicide clusters, stress, anxiety, self-harm and depression rates within society can be reduced to a single denominator, the large scale introduction of microwave frequencies used in mobile phone telephony, mobile phone networks, Wi-Fi and tablet use. I also link the effects of microwave radiation on our biology by assessing our fecundity as a species in which sperm rates, motility and mobility have drastically declined. Concurrent with this, fewer women experience full term pregnancies without hospital intervention. I finish exposure to microwave radiation adverse biological effects by discussing the rise of individuals diagnosed with EHS, (electro-hyper-sensitivity) and the Rachel Carson, ‘Silent-Spring’ implications on our natural environment. Significantly, since mobile phone technologies were introduced, we have seen a loss of our pollinating insects, particularly bees, birds and farm stock. I provide evidence-based conclusions on all these issues which are systematically ignored by governments and the telecommunication industries.

I argue strongly that based on the adverse biological effects from 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation of modern mobile phone telephony that we as a society, must be fully informed of all these effects before the 5th generation of mobile phone telephony, i.e. 5G becomes fully functional. I spend some time looking at the power density flux of millimetre-wave frequencies that will adversely affect our biology in much shorter time scales compared to earlier iterations of microwave radiation use and what 5G means for society in general.

The real point of this book is to boldly state that we cannot rely on governments to give us full and informed consent in anything related to biological safety. I strongly argue that before we consent to using a new technology or indeed, a novel concept of vaccine, we must have full information on what is already known about that technology, including its consequences. In short, this book is about how to find out what the real issues are, what is ‘candy-coated’, inconvenient truths and a real and user-friendly risks and hazards dissemination to consumers using that technology or substance.

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