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All the answers lie within - it's All about the DNA

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I have a great respect for Russian Science and their scientists. I met a few whilst doing some work on Chernobyl hot particles and they really are down to earth. It seems that they are able to think about and formulate 'hard' science in conjunction with the spiritual i.e. the 'fluffy' stuff. Besides the tekkie and science stuff, they acknowledge that our consciousness has a role to play in any experimental outcome and of course, they are busy trying to quantify it or nullify its effects in their scientific endeavours!! I guess that's scientists for you, (see following article). Much of the spiritual/hard science on DNA is coming out of Russia and it is light years ahead of western scientists whom the majority still think that 'junk' DNA is just that, 'junk'. As per usual I will outline the 'fluffy' bits of DNA and this will be followed by a few articles to put the whole thing into perspective. The DNA changes that I am talking about cannot be quantified in a laboratory directly because these changes /mutations are taking place within our etheric bodies. Put simply, our DNA is changing, mutating or in the process of a 'cosmic upgrade' and related directly to the space/times we are in i.e. the relative position of the Earth in relation to the centre of our Milky Way.

Pat Cori's channelled Sirian High Council trilogy of books deals in some detail on the changes that are now (over the last 20 - 30 years or so) taking place within our biology. She argues that following intent (lightwork focus) and internal clearing (clearing up and acceptance of our internal stuff) that the third strand of DNA is made possible. Following triangulation of our DNA we become more open to the gifts of Creation i.e. we see our world in a new 'light' and act accordingly. Eventually we reach our true 12-stranded Merkaba lightbody. In other words our biological template is changing so that we are able to accept and use more light. This is easier to feel than to see and in the presence of some people, there is something about them that is not definable: they are different. They have 'shifted' frequency to a higher octave and they are all the same yet individually different. This really is the time in setting your intent and from that will flow choices, choices and more choices. I view this time as expansion or contraction. We either open to the natural flow of what's occurring in our lives or we try and stop these changes happening. One path leads to an expansion of consciousness and the other leads to much of the same of what has already occurred in your life. Either way I feel, these are very special times to experience cosmic jumps or cosmic bumps.

Kryon calls these times as the time in which the potentials to develop into the 'New Humans' are at their greatest, particularly the children i.e. Indigoes etc. and that these 'new kids on the block' are beginning to grow up and 'show up' in our streets, offices, political machineries across the globe and other everyday places in greater and greater numbers. With them comes a new way of thinking about old problems with 'out of the box' solutions to our most pressing problems, namely that our societal processes and how we do stuff are in need of radical and major changes. The Annunaki and their underlings know this, hence the young people have been target ted with vaccines, direct state intervention by social services, education etc. to try and shut them down spiritually or shut them up. Look into the eyes of a new-born baby or observe a group of teenagers and you will notice something very different about them. They too, will 'silently' acknowledge your presence too. The Kryon Collective came to this planet in 1992 to shift the magnetics of the planet in order that the present-day changes to our DNA are made possible. That job has now been completed and we now sit in a radically new magnetic 'space'. This is really interesting because it implies that our DNA responds and can be modulated via our planet's geophysical properties. This makes sense because in essence our body template if you like is electromagnetic in character which is why living under electricity pylons, sitting in front of computers, watching TV etc. can alter our moods, create dis-ease and a myriad other effects. Stressing the positive, if changes in our Earth's magnetic and other properties can alter our etheric/spiritual physical being, it is common sense that the magnetics of the planet can open us up to more of our potential, particularly as we are also in parallel, spiralling so quickly into the New Energies from our Central Sun.

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All of my life I have felt that the education system has taught us a manufactured reality, particularly in relation to Science. In school I hated physics because I knew it was wrong but got frustrated because I could not satisfactorily envisage or explain an alternative model to myself. Now I understand the reasons why we were led along the wrong path, it was to divert us from understanding the true nature and identity of the Cosmos itself (including ourselves) and how it was all exquisitely and geometrically put together.

Even though we think we know a lot about electricity, magnetism and gravity, there is still much to understand about these key parameters of Life, particularly when they all come together and how they interact. What has not been acknowledged in all of this is a force called 'intelligent energy aka the God or Life force, Love'. David Wilcock (ascension2000.com) is currently expanding on its definition and how it all fits together. Thankfully, it is all changing now and we are slowly heading towards a unified theory of how things really work. When we do and its fully accepted as a proper basis for exploring our outer world, many of the gadgets and infrastructure we currently use will fold over night because the new ways of doing things will involve, non-polluting sources of energy. I am thinking here specifically of reducing our dependence on items that pollute our electromagnetic makeup i.e. mobile phones and the like and the use of anti-gravity for transport and better ways of working with our natural resources in generating power i.e. wind and wave power. It will all change including the ways in which we produce food and how we dispose of our wastes.

These are also interesting times in that Science itself is starting to explore DNA or should I say, those areas of our DNA that have been largely ignored, the 90% of so-called junk DNA with some surprising results. I include 2 articles, one by Len Horowitz (mostly fluffy with tekkie basis) and the second by David Wilcock (tekkie and fluffy in that order) on some of the fairly recent work carried out on DNA. Both articles undermine our current medical paradigms on DNA to allow in a new way of thinking about our DNA. Essentially, our DNA is much much more than we ever thought it was and when we finally plug ourselves back into full consciousness, well, I guess its time to hang onto our cotton socks. Nothing will ever be the same again!!

Caveat: there is something not quite right about Dr Horowitz's article. Use discernment and take note of how you feel as you read it. is it information, dis-information or mis-information?

Article 1:#

DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral 
Date: 8/26/05 Source: Crusador Enterprises 
DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral CRUSADOR Editor, Greg Ciola, Interviews Dr. Leonard Horowitz By Greg Ciola with contributions from Pam Killeen (Klebs) Internationally known public health authority and award winning author, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has recently written what may be his best book yet. DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral offers revolutionary new views of emerging genetic research consistent with sacred spiritual knowledge.

Three years of study by a team of health, science, mathematics, genetics, and physics experts, indicates that DNA, traditionally considered the “blueprint of life,” appears more like an “antennae to God.” This metaphysical thriller includes discussions of electrogenetics, quantum physics, bioholography, human consciousness, and even spiritual dynamics. Horowitz shows that DNA’s coiled design, vibrating action, and “electrogenetic” function are powered by waves and particles of energized sound and light. Depending on their source, these elements can have a positive or negative impact on our DNA. The goal of his new book is to expose the many variables (physical, medical, environmental, spiritual) that sabotage us from reaching our true genetic potential. Dr. Horowitz is to be commended for his relentless efforts to warn people of the monumental deceptions that have become so pervasive today. One of his biggest endeavors has been to forewarn us of the current health plagues. He has been a voice crying in the wilderness for many years, sounding the trumpet to alert us to the dangers that lie ahead. Dr. Horowitz has put his career, his reputation, and his life on the line to expose the truth.

Greg: Dr. Horowitz, this is your 14th book. You are America’s leading author of health science conspiracy and cover-up exposés. What prompted you to start investigating DNA and why did you feel compelled to write DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral?

Len: Recently, there have been a number of scientists who have been taking genetics to new levels. As I was evolving in my own work, I found myself investigating DNA. My previous books Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse and Healing Celebrations looked at spiritual and healing miracles and how they relate to genetics. In Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse, we revealed that the specific trigger that influences genetics is the Creator’s musical scale (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti) called the Solfeggio Scale. The specific note that caught my attention was “Mi” or Miragestorum in Latin. It has an electromagnetic frequency of 528. Based on the research I’ve done into Pythagorean mathematics, I was able to decipher a hidden code with this frequency. If you study Pythagorean mathematics (the ancient mystery school), all numbers and words are in code. With mathematics, a key to unraveling the code is to keep adding multiple numbers until you obtain a single digit integer. For example; with the number 528, which is the electromagnetic frequency of “Mi,” it works like this: 5 + 2 + 8 = 15. Then you add the 1 plus 5 because you always reduce to the single digit integer and as a result you come up with 6. I’ve termed it “Miracle 6” because the note “Mi” is the repair frequency for DNA. This is how I was able to decode MI6, the principle code of the British Secret Service, Royal Family of England and leading global elite. It was then that I realized that the principle function of British Secret Service was to conduct genocide by interfering with our DNA using vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sound technology and other state-of-the-art weaponry. Science has led us to believe that DNA is simply a map for the human being – a genetic code. Through my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the traditional view of DNA is far too simplistic. My research reveals that DNA is the principle “code” and, as such, acts as an antenna to the Creator. In my book, Death In The Air: Globalism Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (prophetically titled given that it came out three months before 9/11), I discussed the secret “codes” being used to conduct bio-spiritual warfare in what many prophets today are calling the “end times.” The global elite govern these codes. We’re seeing many signs of that (plagues, degenerative disease, war, etc…). That’s what oriented me to the whole field of genetics. There’s more going on than we’re being told about DNA. Mainstream research is not addressing the fact that our DNA is intimately connected with our spiritual selves.

Greg: You refer to DNA as a “Sacred Spiral” and say it is “spiritually empowered.” Tell us more about this.

Len: I am very grateful to many researchers in this area. One of them is Dr. Fred Bell. Four years ago, he asked me to help him rewrite one of his books. In researching his material, I was finally able to understand that our own circadian rhythms are intimately connected with bio-spiritual mechanics. Fundamentally, his work explained how DNA is linked to spirituality through electromagnetics and cosmic radiations.

Greg: I started studying the field of genetics and DNA in the mid 1990s. It was around this time that I also came across some of your work which has really helped expand the way I view things both in the physical and spiritual realm. One thing you said that caught my attention was that over 90% of DNA functions as a spiritual receptor for energy. Can you expound on that a little more?

Len: Industry currently only researches 3% of DNA’s function - the production of proteins via transcription of DNA and RNA and the assembly of the amino acids for protein structures. Industry rejects the fact that over 90% of the DNA is involved with bio-acoustics and electromagnetics. I attribute a good deal of my knowledge about this to Dr. Lee Lorenzen and Dr. Masaru Emoto. I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Lorenzen quite well and work with his Clustered Water. I also opened a lecture for Mr. Emoto when he first came to the United States for one of Dr. Lee Lorenzen’s conferences. Both of these guys are some of the top experts in the world on Clustered Water. They taught me the spiritual aspects of water, which is the matrix for DNA. It’s interesting because if you have your will aligned with the Creator’s will and you’re simply doing what you’re destined to do then your life becomes a Celestine Prophecy. Everything falls into place and you don’t have to worry about anything. These two men taught me about how important water was for spiritual reception. Dr. Emoto published a book called The Miracle of Water and is most famous for looking at the effect prayer has on water. In his research, he shows how you can literally take polluted water (which microscopically is sewage when you look at its structure after it has been cryogenically frozen), pray over it, put your hands on it, positively affirm that water, and it will miraculously change its molecular shape.

Greg: Have you ever heard of the saying “Water plus light equals God?”

Len: No, but that’s precisely what we’re talking about here. The book DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral begins with looking at the ancient myths. The Judeo-Christian world and even the Muslim world, consider the Book of Genesis to be the beginning of history. As I examined some of the most important myths of creation and creationism, I consistently found what you just stated. In the beginning there was the “Word”. What is word but sound. What is sound but electromagnetics. What’s that? Simply mathematics and physics. In the beginning, the Bible says that the Creator’s “Word” acted on the water by separating the water. Now how do you separate water? It’s a metaphor for the sub-atomic particle world and the physics of water. When you separate water, you separate the molecules and the atoms of water and suddenly you come into a spiritual domain that is just absolutely thrilling. Even during Biblical times, man understood this very spiritual metaphor. When you separate water, out of it comes light. It’s intellectually mind blowing – awesome beyond our wildest imaginations. The dolphins literally do this, as well. Another expert has contributed to the book, Dr. Michael Hyson, who is here with us in Hawaii. Michael Hyson’s work deals with dolphins and autistic children. They take autistic children into the ocean and have them swim with dolphins. Miraculous things happen. If everything is created out of the water, there would be no better way to recreate heaven on earth and bring peace to the planet than to go swim with the dolphins. A dolphin simply has the capacity to sonically vibrate off of the DNA of a human being who may be swimming next to it. They pick up the frequency signal that is being transmitted by our DNA. They can sense the blockages in the frequencies transmitting through our DNA and water within our DNA. As with any miraculous healing, the dolphins can use the power of love to ultra-sonically treat those deficiencies and blockages so that the Creator’s energies can begin to flow once again. Why can’t we, like dolphins, operate with those same capabilities and facilities? Greg: The word dolphin means brother. There’s no doubt in my mind that they are our brothers in some way and that we can learn from them. Len: As a Christian Jew who also loves the Muslim people and respects the Muslim people, what you’re saying is true. We’re all brothers are we not? The Bible and Christian theology have both determined this to be the case. Therefore, the Messiah is our brother and we’re really all children of the Creator. When you go swimming with dolphins, your life is never the same again. Your consciousness is never the same again. Your genetic electromagnetic expression is never the same again after you’ve been touched by a divine being. How’s that? Isn’t that totally amazing?

Greg: It’s interesting to hear you say that the dolphins can pick up the expressions of our DNA. Have you ever heard people say that if you want to see dolphins just think about them and they show up? I’ve done that with other people on the Caribbean before and sure enough a day or so later there’ll be dolphins swimming around in the water.

Len: We have a beach here in Hawaii called Black Sands Beach and people go down there almost daily in hopes of communing with a family or several families of dolphins and they do show up just like you mentioned. It’s well known around here that your consciousness and your heart resonance are the principle factors that bring those dolphins to your side. They’re really playful and extremely happy to commune with the human family. It’s amazing!

Greg: When you talk about separating water, does frequency and vibration play a role in this process and if so, how?

Len: The Creator’s word represents a powerful vibration. This vibration is not only powerful enough to separate water from water; it is powerful enough for us to have come into existence. He continues to re-recreate us with the most powerful force of them all – Love. God is a master composer of love songs, conducting this divinely organized universe. The most powerful, healing frequency that can help you reach your fullest potential is love. This represents the power of the Holy Spirit. I am not simply speaking about the subject of genetics; specifically, I am narrowing it down to something called electrogenetics where the Creator is actually initiating a very powerful vibration or frequency. Essentially, there is a universal “orchestra” playing individual love songs to every species on this planet in virtual harmony. If you think about the creative capacity of that feat, it is far beyond what a human being could ever imagine. It proves that we’re living in a divinely inspired, divinely directed universe and it’s very exciting and humbling for me to be an author, researcher, and pioneer in this field – especially at this very critical time in history. Currently, we are experiencing a spiritual renaissance. The purpose of my book is to reveal what we need to address in order for us to reach our physical and spiritual salvation. In order to prevent the extinction of our planet, we must strengthen our spiritual connection.

Greg: I think your book is so important and timely because geneticists are tinkering with DNA and manipulating this creation like it’s some kind of toy. Unfortunately, most geneticists and scientists are evolutionists. They don’t believe we were divinely created and they think that what they’re doing is for the betterment of mankind. In their mind, genetic engineering is just the next big step in our evolutionary development. It’s my belief that what’s occurring with biotechnology is spiritual warfare.

Len: Genetic engineering is a gross threat to our planet. The biotech industry is playing with fire. They have no clue. In chapter three of my new book, you will read about who is really playing with DNA. What are they about? What’s their history? What exactly is DNA? Are they withholding information about DNA from us? Now you’ve got a cover-up. You’ve got a conspiracy at the highest levels. Even the leading geneticists have no clue what the agenda is of the genetic movement or who their funding sources are. They don’t have a clue about the eugenics movement either (creating a better world by improving the human gene pool). What is DNA? The spiral structure of DNA reflects the spiral structure of all the proteins in the body. The spiral structures are simply there like a Tesla coil to enhance the energy reception and transmission. In a similar fashion, DNA is like a receiver and transmitter of love and divine frequency. You could also call DNA bio-acoustics and/or light and sound energy. We don’t see that in any of the traditional scientific texts. For some reason it’s missing. Now why is it missing? This is another thesis of the book. This is what the book also does. It exposes those who have stolen the Human Genome Project.

Greg: Let’s touch on who these pirates of the sacred spiral are.

Len: The pirates are a small, elite group of families that have been in power for hundreds of years who control governments and industries (pharmaceutical, petrochemical and genetic companies). I have been criticized because I expose the connection between politics and science. The most advanced sciences in this field have been manipulated and controlled by politics. Those controlling the Human Genome Project have knowledge that far exceeds what the normal, average human being has. For what purpose? Their purpose is to manipulate and control us by tampering with our genetics. Ultimately, they want us to become slaves to their control-grid system. If you can dumb a human being down and spiritually dis-empower them, you can then act as an intermediary or a gate keeper. In other words, you can interfere with the evolution of any individual and rob them of their essence. This represents the most advanced form of bio-spiritual warfare that’s ever existed. The technologies that are being used for these purposes include the Star Wars Weapons programs that I reviewed in Death In The Air, the HAARP Project, and all of the electromagnetic frequency focusing technologies. We all need to become aware of these technologies so that we can protect each other. The media helps industry drive the message that the field of genetics exists for the greater good. When we hear this message enough, we come to believe it. We have become so sedated by the media that we no longer question what is really happening. What’s going on folks? Why do we have these great plagues of AIDS, cancer and autoimmune diseases? There are people in charge and they’re hiding the truth from us because they’re making vast fortunes off of our suffering. That’s why they continue to sell their pharmaceuticals and petrochemical products. Notice that they aren’t dealing in spiritual energy. They’ve created a system where we rely on polluting, non-renewable energy resources. These are the same global industrialists that direct Exxon, Shell and Mobil – the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and genetic industrialists are all one and the same. Their game is power and control. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You begin to deal with a realm of evil. Life is full of juxtapositions: evil versus good; satanic sorcery versus the true spirituality in love, faith, trust. Our ultimate goal is to feel what it is like to walk in love and light, manifesting on earth as it is in heaven. We can choose the gift of having heaven on earth right now or we can ignore this gift by choosing something far less worthy.

Greg: I find it very intriguing that the Human Genome Project was funded by the Department of Energy. What’s really going on with this whole project Len?

Len: The Department of Energy, the London Trust, the Royal Family of England, and the Rockefeller family of the United States are the primary parties who control the study of genetics and DNA. Ultimately, they stole the research from a university program two weeks prior to its completion. It was a complete scam and we thoroughly expose this in my new book. George Soros and a cadre of evil scientists along with the Carlyle Group and their affiliates were all involved. They privatized the Human Genome Project, patented every potentially lucrative genetic sequence, and are now in the business of altering, possibly forever, the genetics of life. In his new documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore exposes that the principle profiteers in the world war on terrorism work in the Carlyle Group and that they also have links to the Bin Ladens, the Saudis, and the military industrialists. They are all directing the war and profiting from the deaths of our friends and families. These are the pirates. People need to wake up and realize that the people who control the sacred spiral are extremely untrustworthy. My new book essentially serves two functions: 1) I reveal the truth about what DNA really is and 2) show you who is manipulating DNA and for what purpose. It’s all meticulously documented and referenced.

Greg: They used taxpayer’s money to fund the Human Genome Project but what was the stated purpose of the project? Why did they feel they needed to decode every single gene within the human body?

Len: What they told us, and this is the scam, is that the Human Genome Project was intended to use the knowledge of the gene sequences to design future medical devices and applications and geneto-pharmaceuticals. They led us to believe that they would develop advancements in the genetic field for our benefit. All of that is hogwash. The patents from the Human Genome Project are going to reinforce the coffers of the banks. The Rockefeller University is a premier recipient of these heisted genetic codes. Most of the patents filed from the Human Genome Project are going to the individuals who control the planet. Greg: Is that why you’ve called them pirates? They’ve hijacked the Humane Genome Project for their own agenda to recreate our species in their own image and it really had nothing to do with mankind’s benefit like they told us. Len: Exactly.

Greg: Based on new science in the field of electrogenetics and nanotechnology in biology, you argue that all diseases are forms of spiritual crises. Tell us more about this Len.

Len: The medical community does not promote the concept that perhaps we need to re-connect with the sacred wisdom that was gifted to us by the Creator. Many of the medical doctors and scientists are brainwashed, mind-controlled slaves. They’re cult followers of the medical cult. They’re into popping magic pills to cure every ill, but as you see from prime time television advertisements, those pills cause a horrific ray of side-effects. One thing they are successful at is creating vast industries. Health and science are working hard to keep us from tapping into this sacred wisdom. This ignorance will ultimately lead us to our genocide. Genocide out of Webster’s Dictionary is strictly defined as the mass killing of people for economic, political, and/or ideological reasons. It makes a lot of money for the “drug pushers” from the medical community. These people don’t have the power of the Creator to heal you – they have the power to poison you and manipulate your genetics and body chemistry (hormones, enzymes, etc…). I.G. Farben is the most infamous of the cartel organizations that literally was the Third Reich. Their top directors and advisors were the top S.S. in Hitler’s time. These people are untrustworthy. The pharmaceutical cartel wants you to pop “magic” pills to cure every ill. Why? These pills have terrible side effects that will cause you to run back to your doctor only to discover that you will need some other “magic” pills. This type of dependency is convenient for those who can gain financially from our diseases. Industry and government benefit by our suffering. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the population. If people woke up to this knowledge and stopped popping the pills they would realize that we are all energy beings (just like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein realized). We can all enjoy our true potential by using our inner wisdom to heal our bodies naturally.

Greg: So in your opinion the global elite are trying to suppress us from reaching our divinity by controlling the DNA?

Len: That’s exactly right. We’re dealing with the pirates of the sacred spiral. Now you understand why my new book is titled as such. DNA is a sacred antenna to our Creator and has the capacity to deliver power that is unfathomable. As a sane being, which would you choose? Popping magic pills? Geneto-pharmaceuticals? Gene therapy? Or would you choose to surrender to the power of the universe? When you make better choices nutritionally, emotionally, environmentally and spiritually, you can upgrade your genetics. What I’m saying is that you have the power to change from being human to becoming superhuman. When you can realize your potential, you can then manifest your true destiny.

Greg: What do you think about Stem Cell Research and Cloning?

Len: Now we draw on the wonderful contribution of Gary Tunsky, a colleague of mine whom I respect greatly. He’s a very talented educator. We collaborated on the chapter in my book called “Cloning Around With Life”, which is about cloning, biotechnology, Stem Cell Research, etc.…We’re obviously opposed to fooling around in this domain. Miraculous healings are not going to come about by fooling around with what is already perfect.

Greg: Where do you think they’re going with cloning?

Len: I’m bothered by the fact that industry started cloning as far back as the ‘50s (or even earlier). It’s in the scientific literature. By the ‘50s scientists began cloning bacteria and animals. Dolly the sheep was not the first clone. There were numerous other animals and experiments that had been successful. I’m highly concerned about where science is going. It’s fairly easy to clone. It’s not easy to create. You can clone all day long but you’re not going to be God. You’re an absolute fool if you think cloning is going to deliver a benefit to mankind.

Greg: A lot of your early work involved researching vaccines. Can you explain how vaccines alter or affect DNA?

Len: Well you’re now asking me something that deals with my favorite chapter in my new book – chapter twelve. Vaccines target the neurological system. They contain things like neurotoxins, mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. When you suppress the neurology you suppress the divinity. I call vaccines genocidal weapons that can control and enslave us spiritually and physically. Consciousness is not just dependent upon our DNA; it is also dependent upon our nerves. In fact, our nerves have more genetic material in them than any other cell. So those nerves, particularly in the brain, are the foundation for our spirituality and consciousness. The side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccinations have a crippling effect on neurology, consciousness and spirituality. The reader can find out more about this in my other book, Emerging Viruses. The great plagues of our times largely, if not entirely, come out of man’s manipulation within the laboratory (vaccines, contaminated blood supplies, genetic mutations, new strains of bacteria, viruses, and fungi). Despite the fact that DNA is being polluted and manipulated, especially through the use of vaccines, we are capable of manifesting miraculous healing. I think this is the great message of hope because we win in the end. Even Hollywood knows this. The simple truth is we’re dealing in this light versus darkness, good versus evil scenario. When we understand this, we can walk into a pitch black room full of evil with a small tiny candle of truth and turn that darkness into light. You can’t do the opposite. You can’t walk into a well-lit room full of truth, full of love, with a little bit of darkness and evil and exterminate the light. Therefore, it is very clear that the more powerful entity will win. Good will overcome evil.

Greg: Basically our Heavenly Father is reaching down and trying to plug us back in so that our DNA receives the correct vibrations and frequencies to give us eternal life.

Len: That’s exactly right and that is literally how you manifest heaven on earth. As the Bible says, your physical body is a temple. It’s interesting how despite how we sabotage the strength of the connection we have with the Creator, He is still willing to forgive, love, forget, and move on. That demonstrates the amazing power of love. I look at what’s taking place on this planet today as a serious issue. Those of us who have been studying prophecy, science, the environment (frogs being born with five limbs and three eyes, various species becoming extinct, etc…), know that we are engaged in some very serious business. Yet, the truth is so profound and so powerful that ultimately, we will win.

Greg: Well, you know why they won’t be able to stop us from eventually winning? The Holy Spirit is linked to this and they can’t stop the Holy Spirit.

Len: Absolutely. That’s the candle of light coming into the darkness of our planet. You can’t stop what we’re talking about from happening. Those lunatic fools are just addicted to money and power. They don’t want to know what we’re talking about so they’re going to do everything they can do in this last act of history. The Mayan calendar is supposed to end in 2012. We have a very short period of time left to come to this reconciliation of our divinity. That is our destiny and the planet’s destiny. But those people who control and manipulate us are going to do everything possible to hold this tidal wave back. It’s a spiritual, uplifting tidal wave.

Greg: When you get to the core essence of those who control the planet, they don’t believe in evolution, they believe in a Creator. Unfortunately though, they don’t believe in the same Creator we believe in. Don’t they realize that they’re actually going to imprison themselves by manipulating DNA? Where do they think they’re going to get the perfect frequencies of life that are needed to keep them alive too? Some people, like David Icke, believe that there may be a non-human alien agenda. There seems to be a satanic, irrational agenda versus a loving agenda. It is insane and it has to stop. It will stop. It’s destined to stop.

Greg: You claim that the genetic codes share certain similarities with Biblical codes. I found that interesting when I read your other book “Healing Codes For The Biological Apocalypse.” Give us an overview of this topic that involves math, language and music.

Len: These codes have been kept secret by secret societies for millennia but are known by the banking families and royal families of Europe. They are using them for their nefarious purposes. Ultimately, these codes are freeing. They relate to the alpha-numerics of sound that we revealed in Healing Codes. The original musical code, the ancient solfeggio, is the Creator’s original musical scale, not man’s musical scale. Our language is dependent upon certain frequencies. In the appendix to my book Healing Codes I shared how the global elite have manipulated the population through literally changing our languages. Sacred languages such as Hebrew, ancient Sanskrit and ancient Aramaic relay electromagnetic frequencies of sound that move physical matter into the shapes of the letters.

Greg: Have you ever seen firsthand where they take sand, put it on glass and play certain musical notes or speak Hebrew letters and they form the shape of the letter?

Len: I’ve seen people playing with that and I’ve seen the Cymatics of sound being demonstrated. It’s very easy. You, yourself can do it. All you need to do is take a violin fiddle and put a little bit of aluminum foil next to the strings and put it out on a flat sheet with a little sand on it and play the fiddle. Low and behold, every string and note will move the sand into a sacred geometric form that’s much like the ancient Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Aramaic languages. Now the English language is the Hebrew language alpha-numerically backwards. So we’re backwards. We’re flipped 180 degrees.

Greg: It’s the way Satan always works right? Whatever the truth is he’ll give you the lie. We’re supposed to read from right to left instead of left to right like we do today. I wonder what kind of effect that has on our brain.

Len: It has the same effect that toxic vaccines have on the neurology, as we discussed earlier. The changing of our languages is the same phenomenon that occurred in the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible, where the Creator dis-empowered the sinful people by changing their languages. When you create a breach or break between people living together, they can no longer understand one another. We soon forget that the greatest understanding is from the heart, not the head. Likewise, the Messiah has an open radiant heart. What the Messiah actually told humanity very clearly was that “we are judged by every word that comes out of our mouths.” It either reflects the goodness, glory, and love in our hearts or the evil that dwells therein. That knowledge of language, of spoken word, was used like vaccines are being used today to “dumb down” the population spiritually.

Greg: Part of the redemptive process is to restore our language and our DNA. I’m looking at a quote from the Bible that just came to me as you were talking about this with the language. It comes from the book of Zephaniah 3:9 and it says: “For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.” Language is obviously somehow linked to the DNA too. It’s all linked with this frequency as you’re talking about. When we speak it’s frequency.

Len: I believe that the Creator’s language is math. It is perfect. Math will ultimately liberate us from this linguistic confusion that is detaching us from our spiritual freedom.

Greg: Before I wrap this interview up I’d like you to tell us about the project you’re involved with in Hawaii.

Len: Wonderful, I appreciate that. The opportunity here is unprecedented. We acquired Steam Vent Inn and Health Retreat, a magnificent 29-acre piece of property that boasts some of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. We’re literally just a few miles away from Volcanoes National Park where there’s active lava flow. At night, on our second floor, we can frequently see the sky lit up orange, yellow, red, and purple from the volcanic eruption. In fact, the road right down the street from us is cut off right now because of lava flow. Our steam vents are actually connected to the park. We’re totally dependent upon gifts and grants from people such as you. We have developed a non-profit, non-denominational, educational, spiritual healing ministry and monument to attribute to the science of creationism here on the big island of Hawaii. We teach the truth about DNA and genetic expression. We’re also building plaques on our nature trails which will teach you more about the unique environment we are living in. What moves lava is the same thing that moves genetic expression. We teach about how the lava is moved by planetary vibrations, electromagnetic frequencies, photons, light and sounds. You can see some amazing things on this property and how creationism works. As the Bible says, there’s nothing missing or broken in the Kingdom of Heaven.

That’s the focus of our electromagnetic energy healing center. At the Steam Vent Inn, we are dedicated to help reveal the truth about health so that people can recover from or prevent disease. It’s open to the international public. If you’d like to get more information and/or come visit us simply call 808-965-2112808-965-2112  or you can call toll free 888-508-4787888-508-4787 FREE  for planning your healing vacation out here with us. Greg: Well Len, we certainly covered an extensive amount of information in this interview. You’ve given our readers plenty to think about. I want to thank you for the time you’ve given me. I know you have a busy schedule. I wish you the best with your new book and I pray that you will be blessed and successful in your endeavor there in Hawaii. Len: Thank you Greg. You’re doing a great job with your magazine. Keep up the excellent work and come see us in Hawaii when you have a chance.

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