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The importance of grounding.

As a species we evolved within a radioactive environment. Our bodies coped and adapted to three types of radioactive decay emitters, namely, alpha, beta and gamma particles. These radioactive decay emitters were found in the food we ate, the air we breathed and the water we drank. Energetically, our species also evolved within a spectrum of energies from direct current (DC) to daylight, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation and microwave radiation. Amazingly, even in regions of the world where the activities of radioactive elements were enhanced, or levels of UV were much higher, we thrived, coped and adapted. During all this time and as a species, the levels of cosmic microwave radiation that we were exposed to were billions of times lower than what we are experiencing today.

Ask any toxicologist and they will tell you that what determines whether an element or substance is benign, beneficial or toxic is its concentration. Take for example the stable element lead (Pb). This element started out in life as a radioactive substance e.g. thorium or uranium. Eventually it decays through a series of events to its final and stable form. Lead is found in everything we eat, wear, drink or play with. It is impossible not to find it in our environment or ourselves. For most people anywhere in the world and away from major urban areas, the levels of Pb found are at background level and of no real biological concern. If we go back just 2000 years or so we find that the Romans started to make artificial sweeteners in Pb pots. This production process formed a salt, lead acetate, and it was used as a sweetener for wines and also as a preservative for foods. Pretty soon, the levels of Pb began to build up in the bodies of the Romans and many must have died of food poisoning or other ailments related to the consumption of Pb. It is all about the concentration and levels of these substances rather than their so-called toxicity.



Electrosmog courtesy of The Digital Age

We are in a similar situation now with regards to the energetic soups of microwaves that we are exposed to. The levels of microwave frequencies are now billions of times higher than what we were previously exposed to. The timespan of our microwave exposure is but the twinkling of an eye relative to the evolutionary time our species has been on earth. Not only that, we need to look beyond the singular response we expect from a specified frequency band on our health. In other words, perhaps we need to view our current situation as one in which we live in an electrosmog environment whose total effect is much greater than its constituent (frequency) parts. In other words, we need to explore the 'cocktail effect' of one band of frequencies having a significant effect on our physiology when in the presence of another band of frequencies. Perhaps this 'cocktail effect' may explain why much lower levels of microwave frequencies, much below the authorised limits are still able to exert adverse biological effects on our bodies. If we truly understand that as Nikola Tesla wisely stated "everything is energy, frequency and vibration ", the game of Life has significantly changed.

Bob Becker was an influential and pioneering scientist with a very simple message for humanity: the human body is bio-electrical in nature, particularly its nervous system. Many biological responses of the body rely on the transmission of electrical impulses via the nerves etc. In his early biological experiments on how some species are able to re-grow limbs whilst others cannot he said: "These studies, described in Part 1, led to the discovery of a hitherto unknown aspect of animal life—the existence of electrical currents in parts of the nervous system. This breakthrough in turn led to a better understanding of bone fracture healing, new possibilities for cancer research, and the hope of human regeneration—even of the heart and spinal cord—in the not too distant future, advances that are discussed in Parts 2 and 3. Finally, a knowledge of life's electrical dimension has yielded fundamental insights (considered in Part 4) into pain, healing, growth, consciousness, the nature of life itself, and the dangers of our electromagnetic technology." (1)

Simply put, our neurobiology is easily swamped by weak and strong electromagnetic fields. We are at the new frontiers of cause and effect of cancer-inducing situations and no-one truly understands what is going on other than what we find from medical studies into microwave radiation and cancer induction. We observe these diseases as being induced via electrosmog yet the precise mechanism(s) are largely unknown. It is within this largely uncharted territory that we discuss 'grounding'.



Think about our bodies as simple capacitors

If you charge something up, it will retain its higher potential relative to its resting state. You can discharge any excess energy into the ground and that something will once again reach its optimal resting state. What I just described is what happens to a capacitor when you charge it with a higher voltage than what is held within its inner plates. The issue is we are not capacitors and in order to effectively 'ground ourselves', perhaps we need to expand our view of who we are and how our bodies work. I start with Nikola Tesla's description of reality that everything is energy and put that perspective within an Eastern or spiritual view and embed the all of that within the work of Bob Becker.


Everything in our 3D reality is energy in different states based on frequency. When we are healthy, our organs and everything else in our bodies vibrate at a characteristic and optimal rate. Each of the major body organs lies under the control of glands which also vibrate at their optimum and specific frequencies. Besides the physical bits and pieces within our bodies, we also have 7 chakra points, or esoteric and literal spinning wheels, which vibrate within specific optimum vibratory ranges. Our physical bodies are also connected into the cosmos above and the earth below via our chakra system and it is this flow of cosmic energy, chi or love, that ultimately determines our physical and spiritual health. Within this spiritual tradition, the human body also includes spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. There are numerous linkages within and between these different bodies yet they all have one thing in common: optimum health is dependent on all its bits and pieces, both physical and esoteric, vibrating at optimum frequencies at both an organ level and also at an integrated spirit/body/mind level.



Within this expanded view of how the body works, which includes an integrated spirit/body/mind complex it is perhaps a little easier to visualise what may happen when that spiritual body enters an area of high electromagnetic potentials of various signal intensities at different frequencies. The image below illustrates the two components of an electromagnetic wave i.e. the 'm' or magnetic component and the 'e' or electrical component.

Is it possible that under certain situations, the 'e' or electrical component of microwave frequencies flows into or onto the body and disrupts the body's nervous and electrical conduction system. The 'm' or magnetic component of the electromagnetic wave is capable of affecting the spiritual or quantum communication centres e.g. chakras and glands of the body? There are three different modes you can try when grounding yourself and these are described as (a) whole spirit/body/mind meditation, (b) nature grounding and (c) artificial grounding.


Spirit/body/mind meditation

In order to connect back into oneself, one simple meditation that you can do is called the 'heaven and earth meditation'. The process is opening oneself to the above through the crown chakra, located on the top of your head, and also to the below via the root chakra, located at the base of your spine, to Mother Earth. As you breath in, visualise a stream of light going through your crown chakra and washing over each body chakra until it finally exits into the warm bosom of Mother Nature. In doing so, you combine the above with the below, with you in the middle mediating the all of it. Any blockages within the physical body can be shifted at will because what you are doing is allowing cosmic loving forces into your body to shift and resonate back to optimum frequency any body organs that are 'off-frequency'. If you meditate in an environment of your choosing ( I enjoy meditating on a warm day with blues skies in a tree-dotted meadow or alternatively in hot sands at the beach with the sounds of the sea in my ears) you can effortlessly and consciously ground yourself and heal your body.


Nature grounding

This one is definitely for the 'townies' and those individuals unable to get into Nature. Simply go to a park, a forest or the beach if you live near one, shrug your shoes off and just enjoy the feeling of the grass, earth or sand beneath your feet. It is that simple and it is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a warm glow inside your body. By connecting back into Mother Earth, you simply acknowledge that you are One with All. Any excess currents, voltages, emotional baggages start to fly away from you and bring you quickly at ease and back into the flow of things. If possible carry out your grounding well away from any sources of microwave activity and also try and note how you feel.


Artificial grounding

Artificial grounding techniques rely on a means of connecting you to an earth inside your home or office. It is fairly easy to measure currents along the surface of the body and then touching yourself to an earth point to dissipate these energies into the ground system. This is the least effective means of grounding because it treats the effects, not the causes. If you live or work in an environment close to transmitting equipment and the 'e' signals are relatively high, try and minimise your exposure by reducing time spent in that environment. You may need to make some hard choices on what to do, but in any event you need to decide what is more important: your health or your income. I also feel that plugging yourself into one half of a 50 Hz transmission signal i.e. mains wiring is probably not the best way to dissipate any excess voltages from your body.

My final observation on grounding is this: please do what you can to firstly identify all microwave enabled gadgets in your home and if possible use hardwire alternatives in preference to WIFI. Minimise microwave exposure at source and anything you do later will be much easier. If you are unable to hardwire your gadgets, switch them on when you use them and switch them off when not in use. Find time to get away from your home and work environment, it is so nice to feel oneself next to trees and the grass. I often sense that when we loosely use the words 'anxiety' or 'stress' in relation to our modern lifestyle, we have simply forgotten that as a species we have spent more time in the meadows of nature than in the office of telecommunications of electrosmog Ltd. In those types of situations, your body is shouting at you to get away from all the 'artificialness' of your life and to get back into the green expanses of Nature.

Please note I have simply skimmed the surface here and there is a lot of useful information out there on the worldwide web. Do your own research, find out what resonates and works for you. We are all different and at different stages of our physical and spiritual evolution. Please remember: we are more than our physical body and its 5-sense actuators, and oh yes, we are fundamentally different to a capacitor. The process of our healing from microwave exposure is firstly to re-connect back into the cosmos, allow the cosmos to re-tune our off-frequency body or organs and finally, allow any blockages present within our physical or emotional bodies to merely slip away. If you think all that is 'woo-woo', try it and see how you feel.



1. Robert O Becker & Gary Selden, The Body Electric - electromagnetism and the foundation of life (1985) Publisers: William Morrow & Company

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