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HAARP - its hidden objectives, its ties to chemtrails, the SOHO project and Nikolas Tesla, (Akkaeneset).

I first learnt about HAARP in a series of workshops facilitated by Pat Cori. She channels information from the Sirian High Council who hold 6th dimensional consciousness. I lean heavily on her book called 'Atlantis Rising' (2001) to explain what I understand of HAARP. I feel a great affinity for these teachings although it has taken me a long time to integrate and more fully understand what they are about. There are two parts to this issue, this one which explores the esoteric and true cosmic strands of HAARP from a global perspective and my second article deals with the main objective of HAARP in attempting to attain planetary resonance between Earth and planet Nebiru as we approach 2012 i.e. our planet's graduation or ascension ball from 3rd to 4th density. Quite literally, the dark T-shirts i.e. Annunuki warlords are attempting to gatecrash our graduation ball quite literally by hanging onto our shirt-tails as we ascend.

Details and an f.a.q (frequently asked questions) for HAARP can be found here. I had a cursory look through the f.a.q and my discernment body began to rise in protest. Much of what they say in terms of contextual information needs to be reversed to get its full meaning. Even the erp (effective radiated power) levels for an 180 antenna array is conservative to say the least. I would love to know the input powers from the transmitters that drive the array and the type of antenna used (seems a bit more complex than a dipole) but I digress...

The website for HAARP says that it is conducting a series of scientific experiments to explore amongst other things how the ionosphere and near space environment affects radiocommunications, particularly subsurface submarine transmissions. This is its public face and presumably, how it manages to extract funding by its government and military overseers. The second and covert aspect of HAARP is to more fully understand the vibratory and cosmometric attributes of our Sun and Earth (in conjunction with the SOHO project, more on that later). These knowledge can be used by the dark T-shirts to control, manipulate and enslave both us and planet Earth.

Firstly, everything around and within you has electromagnetic properties i.e. operates at specific frequencies. Our collective consciousness as a human race can also be defined within a specified range of frequencies. A crude example of these frequencies are the alpha, beta etc. brain waves. Some people operate outside these frequencies and are gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. This concept of everything (including rocks, minerals etc.) 'existing' within a specific or tight range of frequencies can also be expanded to include our celestial bodies (planets) whom are part of us as we are of them - All is Connected to the All of Everything Else). This is the basis of astrology, we are born into a spot on Earth at a particular time that is endowed with a particular set of electromagnetic properties, an imprint if you will that determine certain aspects of our being.


In a past lifetime (Atlantis), the dark Magician, Tesla (Akkaeneset) was fascinated by the range of human emotions and how in those days the collective consciousness via 'mindlight generators' were capable of providing energy to light homes etc. He was able to tabulate specific frequencies of Atlantean physical expression/existence in order to manipulate, alter and control their moods and collective thoughts via their use of mindlight generator systems. This led to an imbalance in the collective psyche and notions of ego, separation etc. appeared leading eventually to the destruction of Atlantis. Fast forward 10,000 - 12,000 years or so and the same template of control has re-appeared. Nowadays it can simply be done by generating and beaming pulses of low electromagnetic frequencies at us. Hidden within the trough and crest of the electromagnetic waves are inserted 'disruptive' elements i.e. jamming frequencies. These disruptive elements take the form of inaudible low frequency pulses, subliminal sounds (frequencies) designed for specific purposes. The internet particularly the games industry is laced with such frequencies to entrain /immobilise individuals for hours at a time. The TV set is also a huge medium for transmitting mind control /entrainment technology and if you recognise the fact that watching some TV programmes can bring us to tears, rage (party political broadcasts - only joking!!) and increase libido, one wonders where the technology has now advanced to?

Pulsed-type radio frequencies are used in DECT phones (lots of health & psychological problems associated with their use). The UK police force now use what's known as Tetra radio sets and funnily enough, this uses a pulse very similar in frequency to our alpha brain wave frequency. Once again, there are lots of articles from people living close to Tetra masts and police officers themselves who suffer from headaches and other ill-ease symptoms.

At a global level, HAARP technology exists to cause /modify and interfere with all sorts of environmental events. If you add all of this up, enough strife can be artificially created within the collective consciousness (feelings of fear, mistrust, want etc.) to entirely separate us from the All of Everything. From this, solutions can be imposed /offered by the powers that be to further ensnare us in their game of control and manipulation. That is the context in which we can discuss the use of HAARP.


(1) the ultimate weapon because at its heart it employs geophysical properties i.e. it is able to tap into the power of Earth itself i.e. it can generate earthquakes within selected regions of the Earth. I have looked at the patents filed by Tesla from the 1860s onwards and besides the brilliance of the work contained within the patents (way over my head) it is clear that when he describes how to transfer energy with a single conductor i.e. no return path he consistently uses the Earth itself as the 'ground' return. This has huge implications for how we could generate and distribute our energy needs. It is also clear from some of this work that the potential for generating huge amounts of geophysical energy is also possible and no doubt he was later enticed to work for the dark t-shirts during the latter years of his last existence to develop these concepts further - hence HAARP.

(2) It can manipulate weather over a given region. Hurricane Katrina is one such example where its trajectory seemed to have a life of its own. There are some Youtube videos of the 'eye of the storm' appearing as a geometric symbol (very strange). It is able to manipulate how we feel by creating cloud cover to ensure the life-giving /enhancing rays of the sun do not reach us (the southern UK, particularly London appears to be under clouds for most of the year of late). It can also modulate the entry of types of energy from the sun which ensure we stay in our base chakra region i.e. survival mode.

(3) the ability to disrupt international communications and global surveillance systems i.e. selectively punching holes in the ionosphere in un-natural ways. The upper atmosphere has a number of layers at various heights above ground that form/dissolve at different times of the day. It is in these areas of our atmosphere that radiowaves can be bent, reflected or refracted.

Update: I just finished both this article and a second one (below) when I came across this link on the David Icke 'latest headlines' site. Its a longish article on planetary changes and possible effects on life on planet Earth. There are three basic threads of information that really startled me in a very positive way. (1) This article validates everything (not that I need such validation) presented in Pat Cori's book, 'Atlantis Rising' i.e. HAARP, 2012 and earth changes in terms of how Prime Creator has set these sequence of events in motion i.e. the solution was put in place at the same time as these sequence of events played themselves out over many hundreds of thousands of years ago, (2) the article is a collection of theories to try and explain reality in which words such as , possibilities, probabilities, uncertainty, might and maybe are liberally interspersed within its prose. Particularly, that any environmental or cosmic event has a multitude of causes, some more important than others but, because our knowledge and understanding of these complex systems are far from complete, we should as a matter of right, explore all possibilities with an open mind and more importantly, an open heart. Big Science does not pursue science and its research in an objective or non-biased way, (see my article on Thomas Kuhn, the overturning of scientific paradigms for an overview of how Science in reality operates). The third bit of information was that it reminded me of how 'intelligent energy' provides synchronicity into our lives and endeavours. When I started these two short articles I was a bit daunted by the width and depth of the subject matter and the articles I have clumsily written now in retrospect, appear to make some sense, plus the synchronicity of it appearing at that precise moment in time left me gob-smacked!! Such is the way of Spirit.

The article can be downloaded in pdf here.

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