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Update 3 on HAARP:

I ordered a copy of 'Angels don't play this HAARP' by Beglich and am busily reading it. In the meantime I found another article on HAARP I downloaded from the Internet some years ago (never got around to reading it...shame) and its probably the most scholarly I have read. I attach a link below and when you start to read it, it is much more easier to connect the dots and separate fact from fiction.

The authors make the link between our electromagnetic bodies, the frequencies and vibrations of our planet, Gaia and the potential for HAARP and its sister projects in altering our moods i.e. the abilities to influence mind control, weather modification, generating earthquakes, jamming radio communications and depleting the ozone layer. It appears and I feel strongly that the 'dark technicians' are fairly close to their unstated objectives in terms of controlling the Earth's geophysical forces (thanks to Tesla) and have the ability to unleash the weapon of weapons both on the inhabitants of Earth and also to deter any visitors from Outer Space.

As always, this is not a time to retreat into fear. The antidote to these dark deeds is to shine light and love in all directions to spread the information around as widely as possible. For some reason, the HAARP project is able to have a sheltered existence away from the prying minds of its citizens. Much of the content of the search engines (particularly Google) on HAARP is a re-hash of the same information (whether well intentioned or not). We cannot rely on the mass media to openly disclose any of these implications for planet Earth and ourselves and I guess its up to us to do that. Spiritually, forewarned is fore-armed.

Click here for the article. It is 30-odd pages long but well worth the read and it explains many of the terms and concepts that are important to anyone with eyes to see and an open mind in which to come to their own decision(s).

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