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The images below form a photgallery of microwave-enabled telecommunication masts, antennas and transmitting equipment. Mobile phone antennas are installed in church spires and buildings. Churches and other religious sites almost always were sited on the highest ground. Good signal coverage for the telecoms industries but bad news for local residents in terms of radiofrequency health problems.

Mobile phone masts in church spires and outbuildings

Owners of church buildings fully support the irradiation of their parishioners by allowing microwave antennas and transmitters on their properties.

Antenna on outside of church spire Antenna disguised as flagpole Antennas atop church building


Mobile phone antennas disguised as 'trees' or hid within trees

Artificial tree antenna system Artificial tree antenna system Artificial tree antenna installation


Mobile phone antennas sited within residential areas

Plethor oof mobile phone antennas atop a water tower . Hidden in plain sight - mobile phone anennas
Mobile phone transmitter blended into the greyscape of urban environments
Mobile phone antenna clandestinely fitted to street furniture. Note the transmitter in the box (in shadow)
Mobile phone antennas disguised within Shell logo



police TETRA antennas Mobile phone antennas on top of residential building Mobile phone in residential area next to bus stop
Police TETRA antennas Mobile phone antennas alongside a high street Mobile phone antennas next to bus stop and close to residential dwellings 


This next image is of a historic water tower managed by English Heritage. The grey shapes to the right of the red rectangle is a mobile phone mast. If you look at the base of each rectangle you will see the entry and exit of coax cables. The next church or historic building you pass, look to see whether they house mobile phone masts and antennas. Once alerted to all this, mobile phone masts 'magically' pop out of the urban and natural landscape.

These are the sorts of lengths the telecoms industries go to in ensuring every single metre of our green and pleasant land is festooned and swamped by electrosmog. The real culprits, however, are all the English heritage-type groups which espouse one value but follow another. It does not seem to matter what they say, whether to preserve the built environment or buildings, they just cannot resist the lure of telecom-rental gold.


Gorsehill Road Water Tower, Wallasey UK

Historic water tower



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