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This website is coded in 'old-skool' HTML4. It is and always will be, ad-free! It is best viewed on a computer screen with a resolution of at least 1920 by 1080 pixels. It also aids understanding if you have an open and enquiring mind.

For a limited period, my books are available for download free:

Dr Ellis I Evans in the shadow of James Clerk Maxwell, the electromagnetism guru, Edinburgh Scotland, 2023.

As an 'indie' author, I published all my books with the three biggest ebook publishers i.e. SMASHWORDS, AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE. I had no issues creating an account and the initial publishing of my books. Issues arose with each individual publisher with one book in particular, All About The Wonderful You: Awakening to the COVID-19 Tyranny, Climate Change & Mass Mind Control of Society. After a period of about one month of sale, I would receive an email saying my book has a 'metadata problem'. I had no idea what they were talking about and asked for more information which was never forthcoming.

This so-called 'metadata' issue meant the book publishers took my book off sale. I was stuck in 'book-dissemination limbo-land'. Each of these publishers did not tell me what the real issues were so I had a book I was trying to get out there that was stuck in a publishing void. I shifted publication from Smashwords to Amazon and finally settled at the door of Barnes & Noble's, Nook Press. Each publisher treated the contents of my books in exactly the same fashion - backdoor censorship.

Quite clearly, these publishing empires are exercising a form of book censorship and book burning. In the end, I left them all behind and decided to sell my books from my own website. This is the only way to have complete control of the publishing process. I have all the emails between myself and the Big Three Publishers on these issues. The contents of these emails could indeed inspire yet another book that could easily sit on bookshop shelves that delve into 'cancel culture and censorship of any views contrary to the Deep State'. Even months after I closed my account with Amazon and Barnes & Noble, my books sometimes come up in a search engine yet its pages point to an Error 404 Page. In other words, anyone trying to buy my books will find it very difficult unless they know the URL of my website. Google has effectively cancelled much of the alternative media and my observations for many years!

To those who surfed the Internet using Netscape in the early 1990s, much has changed. Google dominates and controls all sources of social information. If you ask a question on anything i.e. vaccine safety, efficacy or vaccine authorisation processes, almost every link that you are allowed to see is owned and controlled by government, academia or pharmaceia. These social actors in collusion with the mainsream media perpetrate a modern form of fascism that works against our best interests. Free speech died during the COVID-19 psy-ops and was replaced with Orwellian-laden 'sound-bites' such as "vaccines are safe and effective, get your jab and move along please".

The only way for me to get around the infrastructure of book censorship and societal control is to give my books away for free. The point of all this is to say, there is a different story about ourselves which is very different to what we were told growing up and growing old. I have been saying for years to anyone that will listen that all of life is a construct and it is high time to bust out of this Matrix consciousness.

For a limited period, my books are free to download apart 'Beyond the 5 Senses' which is a personal account of my spiritual awakening. Fill your boots and yep, it is a free download and I do not even harvest your email!

My Books

Beyond the 5 Senses: My Journey Towards Spiritual Enlightenment, A Handbook for Spiritual Awakening (2020)

All About the Wonderful You: Awakening to the Covid-19 Tyranny, Climate Change & Mass Mind Control of Society (2022)

A Conspiracy of Silence: the Hidden Dangers of Mobile Phones, WiFi & 5G (2022)

The Subtle and Deceitful Art of Subliminal Advertising: How to Spot Subliminal Advertising to Regain Consumer & Spiritual Sovereignty (2023)


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