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Sunspots will end planetary surveillance and mass mind control (2018)

Cosmic showers from the Photon Belt kick-start our awakening or ascension status and these energies have tipped the balance between light and dark! The photon belt emits energies to this part of the galaxy and the sun captures, orchestrates and moderates these energies back to Earth in order to ensure our 3D carbon-based bodies do not get over-loaded or burnt out. The energies from the Photon Belt are extremely strong and game-changing both at an individual and planetary level.  I have written a previous paper on the effects of solar activities (x-ray flares, coronal holes, coronal mass ejections etc.) on our awakening states, which can be found here. In this article, I shift focus to sunspots.

Sunspots represent cooler areas of the Sun’s photosphere, whereby magnetic fields reduce convection to surrounding areas. Sunspots affect our weather on Earth and we are currently in a period of solar minimum. A solar mimimum period is one in which the Earth's atmosphere becomes more transparent to various forms of solar radiation - this is a very good period for us even if it heralds unpredictable changes in weather. Within the coming months, and possibly years, sunspots will initiate blasts of solar activities so intense and sustained that these energetic particles will decimate global satellite systems and render useless all forms of terrestrial-based quartz controlled hardware including laptops, computers, tablets, network servers and hard drives etc. Beneath all this, the people will discover a darker side to these technologies.


Mind control technologies

The very infrastructure (electrical house wiring) and consumer goods of the past 150 years are laced with covert mind-altering frequencies. Today we live in a world dominated by digital technology and besides the use of these devices to covertly record what we are doing and saying, they also emit frequencies that alter our psyche and influence our behaviours. Significantly, TVs, mobile phones and the Internet are designed to enslave us away from ourselves. It is also becoming increasingly clear that frequencies beamed from outer space have adversely impacted our subtle bodies. David Icke has a lot to say in these matters and he argues for a Moon /Saturn alien technology that has controlled us for thousands of years. In any event and within the very near future we will uncover and understand that covert mind control technology has been used on us for thousands of years and that these space and land-based technologies have hacked the Matrix and held us in bondage for all that time. Simply put, space-based mind control technology has beamed onto us for many years a series of frequencies that has limited our perception of everything including ourselves.

In the early 1900s, Tesla invented the alternating current (AC) theory and it became the dominant form of house wiring the globe over. Crucially, currents changed direction 50 times per second within every piece of wiring and electrical circuits. These alternating changes in current direction can also be viewed as pulsed radiation. Fifty Hertz, or cycles per second, do have subtle effects on our biology, awakening states and behaviour. These same systems of control also work alongside space-based weapons of mass destruction i.e. Tesla plasma technology. These space weapons were set up to deter our space brothers and sisters from visiting planet Earth. Even before the advent of wifi and all that electrosmog, did you ever wonder why you felt such peace when you were miles away from any vestiges of civilisation and its infrastructure?  We of the Light are now becoming much more powerful and the dark is in retreat across the globe.


Nirvana lies just beyond our comfort zone

That is why the ‘wildcards’ of Brexit, Trump and Philippines leader Duterte signal a breakdown in the New World Order. Trump and Duterte merely symbolise a breaking apart of the old energy paradigm. The European political landscape is also undergoing much change with the rise of Le Pen and other political groupings in Portugal, Spain and Italy. What we are witnessing is nothing to do with an ‘anti-establishment’ sentiment and more to do with a change in the global collective /starseeded consciousness. The Light is starting to shine very brightly and it exposes all the dark deeds which have managed to slither beneath the consciousness of the global Collective. The dark are hanging on and fighting for their lives, but alas, all of this is in vain because it is inherent within the nature of the new incoming energies that the old dark energies in all their forms will quietly disappear. Crucially, a major trumpet of propaganda, the mainstream media is in total disarray due to the exposure of its own fake narratives on many issues. It is little wonder that millions of voters no longer vote and that many of them have stopped buying into the daily news. Change is afoot and the sweet smell of freedom is starting to encircle the globe. We are all being presented with opportunities to awaken and reclaim our power. Future articles will chronicle some of the planetary changes afoot and discussion on individual changes which include ‘rude’ awakenings, changes in partner, work, diet, health and life opportunities.

It is this change in pendulum between light and dark that also signals there cannot be another world war. Of course, there will be squirmishes, particularly in relation to control within the Middle East and as time progresses; even these regional conflicts will fade into history. We have all passed the end of countless cycles within larger cycles and within the pattern of ‘time fractals’, the old dark energy deeds of past years cannot play themselves out again. The world we thought we knew is awash with change and it is important to stay alert and note which politicians and organisations scream for freedom yet condemn their own citizens to purgery. Notice how the manstream media are selective in what sentiments and issues they give voice to. Notice not only what people say but also take note of their actions as well. All is coming to surface in these new ascension energies. During the next series of strong sunspot /solar activities, these weapons of mass control will be rendered useless. Imagine what life will be like in the knowing that all the systems of surveillance have gone down? The ability of the Powers That Were not knowing when we pop into the grocers or go for a drive in the country or withdraw cash from an ATM?  When that happens we will begin to awaken as if from a dream. Nothing will ever be the same again, ever.

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