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Vaccine Efficacy & Safety Data Violations between the UK government and the so-called UK vaccine safety committees and 'paid for' pharmaceutical committee members - A history of what really went on 1986 - 2010 - First posted around 2008 - historical interest


It’s time for a lot of parents who consent to medical establishments injecting toxic vaccines into the bodies of their children to think again. The evidence that most vaccines are neither efficacious or safe are finally in the public domain. The person who investigated and wrote this report is very courageous in that she has managed to shine her very bright light into the dark deeds that took place between the UK government and the multinational pharmaceutical companies in the early formulation of vaccine schedules. She has exposed a lot of lies, deceits and distortions of scientific data between the UK government itself and the pharmaceutical advisors and pharma-committee members of the JVCI to facilitate the introduction of a 'vaccine schedule' . Amidst all the smoke and mirrors surrounding parental choice and mandatory vaccination schedules, you have to ask yourself one fundamental question (1) even under an FOI (freedom of information) request, many of the comments of committee member x or b were purposefully blacked out. Clearly, if these comments were left in the FOI documents, they would reveal criminal collusion between the UK government and pharma-sponsored committee members in foisting a whole swathe and cocktail of dangerous drugs and substances onto ourselves and our children - all in the name of so-called 'herd immunity'.

Once a vaccine is on a 'vaccine schedule' 'health bodies' both national and international health watchdogs and 'safety' committees give the green light to Big Pharma to distribute these drugs.  These drugs achieve political and medical-enshrined 'hallowed' status. These government/pharmaceutical groups merely monitor its use and talk amongst themselves on reported adverse effects which are rarely reported in the mainstream media. As this merry go-round continues, the Big Lie is disseminated to the front line soldiers e.g. health practitioners, paediatricians etc. and the general public that unless you vaccinate little Johnny and Jane everyone will die. It's a great pity that more doctors and paediatricians look more deeply into the effects of the substances they are prescribing to their patients instead of accepting (amongst other things) all the bland assurances of the Big Pharma drug-pushing salesmen/women.

The report is here and I also enclose the FOI documents of heavily censored minutes of the meetings here within one file. Above all, read and investigate more widely from a variety of different sources so that you can come to a sensible conclusion on whether to vaccinate or not based on both anecdotal, scientific and medical evidence - its your choice to consent or not!!

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